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IRP Version 9 Launches in November 2023

IRP V9 exposes everyone’s contribution to profit
18 October 2023 - 2 min read

IRP Version 9 Launches in November 2023

IRP Version 9 is arriving in November delivering a new level of visibility and control over merchants' sales, costs and profits

The ecommerce challenge is not one of sales growth - the problem is one of profitable growth. If a company broadcasts an ability to grow sales online - the question is simply growth at what cost? That’s the critical gap in ecommerce visibility that V9 now fills - IRP supplies the profit data.

When Merchants realise that growth has to be paid for - they realise that Gross Margin and Traffic Cost determines their Net Profit.

Version 9 Exposes eGross Profit in Real Time

IRP Version 9 is a Breakthrough in Ecommerce Cost Control

Building on the data foundation of Version 8 - the financial engineering work in IRP Version 9 finally ends any ambiguity in data. Profits are front and centre in real time - this brings final transparency to performance creating a new era of ecommerce built around trading.

Visibility of Traffic Costs and Gross Margins show the performance and profit positions in real time. This is great news for anyone who understands profit and loss, but perhaps bad news for anyone who doesn’t understand the fundamental nature of trading in ecommerce markets.

Version 9 permanently shows ‘Gross Profit after Traffic Spend’ (eGross Profit) at the top level, category and brand level, but also down to the SKU and order level. This transparency offers a new opportunity for everyone to know their contribution to merchant profit.

The Exponential Power of Data and the Service Marketplace

IRP Version 9 establishes the platform at the centre of controlling sales, costs and profits by having direct access to merchant first party data.

IRP V9 combines the platform with the Service Marketplace creating a new  market dynamism at the core of ecommerce. By fully exposing profit - and by comparing values to the market - choices for both trading and Traffic Channels become rational.

Ecommerce Day Trading success is measured by profit

Merchants simply choose services based on performance ranking and track record. This ‘Day Trading’ mindset focuses everyone and everything on 'end of day takings' by tracking the eGross Profit number - the Gross Profit after Traffic Costs.


Version 9 finally removes any lingering feeling that there are other factors at play that can supersede profitability.

IRP dispels irrationality in Version 9 illuminating the core of ecommerce. Using merchant first party data, IRP V9 has the power to transform ecommerce into Day Trading platform.  In Version 9 there’s nowhere to hide when the key data is there for all to see.

There is no magic solution or silver bullets in ecommerce but there is data.  “In Data We Trust” - when we can measure these key numbers we can transform ecommerce.

More news on IRP Version 9 coming soon...

Anonymous - Version 9 fills in the gaps in Version 8. That's 4 years of RnD to solve eGross Profit once and for all.
18 Oct 2023 10:32
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