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Microsoft Azure Provides IRP the Power to Process Billions of Data Points in the Pursuit of Profit

Azure provides a new secure auto scaling infrastructure to build an ecommerce future based on big data, trading and automation.
03 February 2022 - 2 min read

Azure provides a new secure auto scaling infrastructure to build an ecommerce future based on big data, trading and automation.

IRP Trading Terminals are handling billions of data points per hour.

Intelligence is networked together in an environment that provides unprecedented real time insight ecommerce trading and markets. ​​As merchants search for new ways to buy smarter and work faster in 2022 the demands for ecommerce automation are going to become more pressing.

IRP is taking the opportunity to make this key infrastructure update to boost merchant sales in the “quiet quarter”. At a practical level IRP's investment increases site speed and Trading Terminal performance.

“IRP committed its research energy to big data, statistics and machine learning to tackle ecommerce profitability. This move to autoscaling on Azure provides the processing power to extract profit in a new way.”

Dan Loughlin, IRP CEO

The Trading Terminal requires significant processing power to crunch data relating to supply and demand in the market. Buying, selling and forecasting must be handled in real time. Merchants search for ways to be more efficient and to outperform their competition. Big Data power is the key advantage.

Data x Intelligence x Automation = Profit

“The actionable insights element in buying and selling will be a game-changer for us. I'm reluctant to bring more staff on board to solve a problem that can be automated by software and a data-driven approach that will outperform humans in the long term.”

David Burleigh, Managing Director at Fishing Tackle and Bait

UK’s fastest growing online fishing retailer.

The Azure autoscaling project is currently in progress with IRP cloud partner ActionPoint. The company already has 10% of merchants benefitting from the new environment. At a practical level this will improve IRP site experience and importantly the Trading Terminal will have the power to manage the demands of big data and a privacy-first future.

“What IRP is into is helping their end customers drive more revenue and more profit. Rest assured Microsoft will be there with IRP supporting them, driving their services to their end customers anywhere in the globe.”

Bibhas Bhattacharya - Business Group Lead, Azure Microsoft Ireland

Azure auto-scaling provides Commerce Cloud with the stability, security and power needed to drive the future of profitable ecommerce and will be rolled out to all merchants in Q1 in conjunction with IRP partner ACTIONPOINT.

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