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Sales for IRP clients up almost 500% after using the IRP Marketing Cloud

The IRP profit-focussed approach is the best road to success for Irish online retailers.
03 March 2021 - 3 min read

Two IRP clients that have been using the IRP Marketing Cloud have seen their online sales to customers in the Republic of Ireland increase by almost 500% in the past six weeks.

DV8 Fashion has 50 stores on the island of Ireland and offers a portfolio of the world’s best fashion retail brands. Jonzara is a family-run womenswear retailer with an anchor store in Lisburn’s Bow Street. Both have seen an explosion in online sales since the latest lockdown restrictions temporarily closed retail outlets across Ireland.

Philip Macartney, Chief Commercial Officer for IRP Commerce, the company behind the IRP platform that has transacted over £1 billion in online sales for Irish companies, puts the increase in clothing sales down to several factors.

Philip said, “After closely studying data from the IRP Trading Terminal, we are able to see that DV8 and Jonzara have generated excellent results over the last six weeks by using the IRP Marketing Cloud. The marketing functionality is effective by allowing Ireland-specific shopping feeds to connect into Google, Facebook and affiliates to drive high-value customers. It also allows for segmentation of previous customers for targeted email campaigns to increase the repeat purchase rate. This worked well in this instance as it has allowed both clients to lower their overall website CPA% and in turn increase profits.”


Available @ Jonzara


Available @ DV8 Fashion

Using the international interfaces within the IRP effectively has also proved successful for DV8 and Jonzara as this allows them to offer a localised experience to customers in the Republic of Ireland, contributing to the 500% increase in sales over the same period in 2020.

Philip Macartney added, “Ultimately, IRP Insights show that our Irish customers, such as DV8 and Jonzara, have an excellent opportunity to sell to their domestic market and outperform significantly in terms of online growth. Our team and technology, and the IRP ecosystem as a whole, have delivered in very challenging circumstances and proved yet again that our profit-focussed approach is the best road to success for Irish retailers in online selling.”

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