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IRP Reporting and Data Requirements

IRP Reporting and Data Requirements

In order to facilitate the provision of the Platform by the Supplier, and to ensure optimal usage and for the benefit of both parties - the IRP Merchant shall (in addition to those Merchant responsibilities and obligations identified elsewhere in the Merchant Agreement), agree to the following:

  1. Agreement of an Annual Sales Target, Target CPA% and Target Margin with the Supplier as per the IRP World;
  2. To use the IRP Attribution Model as listed in the IRP World for reporting in the IRP and ensure all Service Providers co-operate;
  3. To provide the Supplier and any agreed IRP Agency providing the IRP Account Management Services and the IRP Support Services with administrative level access to the Platform;
  4. To ensure that the correct Service Providers are listed correctly in the IRP World for marketing channels;
  5. Provide costs and sales from marketing channels to the Supplier in the format specified in the IRP World at the end of each calendar month;
  6. To keep the Merchant’s company profile, staffing and business data up to date and accurate on the IRP World;
  7. To engage with the IRP Account Management Services as provided by the IRP Agency listed in the IRP World;
  8. To promptly make available to the Supplier such passwords or electronic authorisations as the Supplier may reasonably require to provide access to the Platform to the Merchant;
  9. To incorporate an IRP link in the footer of the Merchant’s website;
  10. To participate in ratings and qualitative feedback for their Service Providers in the IRP World Ecosystem;
  11. To provide access at an Admin level to Google Analytics, Google Analytics API, Google AdWords and Google Shopping API;
  12. To ensure that key members of staff are IRP Accredited in the IRP World;
  13. To agree that the Supplier has full access to use all anonymised Market Data; and
  14. To maintain a focus on the goal of the Annual Sales Target at the Target CPA%.
Live Market Data
Today v Yesterday +0.03%
December 2022 v December 2021 -4.52%
YTD 2022 v 2021 -10.63%
Arts and Crafts -0.01%
Baby & Child -0.16%
Cars and Motorcycling +0.04%
Electrical & Commercial Equipment -0.30%
Fashion Clothing & Accessories +0.09%
Food & Drink -0.11%
Health and Wellbeing -0.17%
Home Accessories and Giftware +0.01%
Kitchen & Home Appliances -0.01%
Pet Care +0.21%
Sports and Recreation +0.01%
Toys, Games & Collectables +0.85%

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