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Use Word of Mouth Marketing to Get More Sales
Follow the expert tips of an IRP Service Provider to maximise your chances of long-term success with this form of marketing.
Marketing & Acquisition
Published: 22 Feb 2017
How Businesses on the IRP can Navigate Internationally
Think of the online journey as a boat journey. You will need a captain (your ecommerce manager), a crew (your ecommerce team, including your IRP Account Manager) and a boat that is proven (the IRP platform).
Inspiration & Opinion
Published: 04 Jul 2016
Ecommerce As Chess
There are some interesting parallels between chess play and ecommerce strategy. To be successful in either, you need to have a deep understanding of the game.
Inspiration & Opinion
Published: 23 Jun 2015
Patch your tyre before riding on
Having an ecommerce site with with a poor conversion rate is like having a bike with a slow puncture. Make sure you take a few minutes to patch your tyre before continuing on up the mountain!
Inspiration & Opinion
Published: 13 Oct 2014

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