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A new enhanced listings experience arrives on IRP Shopper

In 2024 IRP is delivering more flexibility to shopping experiences - starting with enhancements to listings
19 February 2024 - 3 min read

In 2024 IRP is delivering more flexibility to shopping experiences - starting with enhancements to listings. 

We have completed work on listing experiences giving Merchants greater control across IRP SHOPPER and IRP B2B and we'll be releasing the updates in Q1.

UX is critical to Conversion - ultimately Profit depends on how a site converts traffic

The IRP UX Department understands how critical branding is to Merchant and monetary success depends on conversion.

IRP Product Lisings

While the fundamental data work on the Trading Terminal continues apace - the next series of upcoming releases will be based on frontend Shopping UX innovation.

IRP Supports UX for Many Types of Users

The IRP UX Department handles the differing demands of many types of IRP users - shoppers, marketeers, data specialists, buyers, account managers, ecommerce managers and owners. The current UX Department focus is on the experiences that support the consumer Demand-Sales-Demand cycle critical to ecommerce.

Building on the success of former shopper enhancements like Checkout and Products Customisation, IRP are now developing new experiences for all the key shopping pages including listings, models, navigation and homepages.

Experience increasingly ties UX to Trading and First Party Data

Consumers expect to shop anywhere, at any time, with no impediments to shopping and where everything is seamless, simple and intuitive.

A decisive difference between platforms comes down to what happens behind the scenes - personalisation, internationalisation and dynamic offer. IRP first party data and intelligence will be fundamental to UX projects.  Knowing how shoppers behave both domestically and internationally helps shape the experiences that lead to sales. 

Three UX projects happening in Q1 2024

Listing Pages

Imminently IRP will release a significant update to the IRP Listing Pages across all IRP shopping channels (Desktop, Mobile and Trade). User experience enhancements are internationalised and supported across all listing page types from Brand, Category to Customer Product Lists and Offers.

The new, enhanced listings are highly designed to be configurable at the channel level, to suit individual merchants experiences:

  • Filter locations (left and top)
  • Configurable column number
  • Inline product images carousel
  • Improved Quick Buy options
  • In-listing banners
  • Performance Improvements
  • And much, much more…

IRP B2B Trade has all the configurable features available in B2C including filter location and sort, but more significantly it supports the ability to add stock items directly to the basket from listings.


IRP has been working to improve additional Subscription features. Subscriptions can increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) by allowing online shoppers to purchase products on a recurring basis. Subscriptions allow merchants to apply subscriptions at the stock item level.  IRP Subscriptions are international in nature meaning the IRP can provide a uniquely powerful offer for Merchants.

Content Builder

The ongoing work in Content Builder is now continuing at pace. Empowering merchant teams to create emails and custom content without HTML knowledge is very important to IRP.  More information coming is soon for early adopters of Content Builder.


IRP has invested over £30 Million in the IRP Platform with a recent focus on data - investment and delivery is accelerating in UX. 

Investment in UX will continue to make products more powerful and easier to use. User experience is central to many of IRP's critical design and development decisions.

Talk to your IRP CSM for more information, details and demos.

We Value Your Feedback

The current road map was created with the excellent input and feature suggestions from the IRP Merchant and Agency base. Please continue to log your ideas for ongoing evaluation and development.

  • Add road map requests through our IRP Products page here
  • For a guide on how items are selected for the IRP Commerce Cloud  click here
  • For a list of features that will be removed or deprecated from the IRP platform click here.
  • For the IRP Appstore click here 
Anonymous - The Listing upgrades are out for final review before release. Subscriptions is live and is being upgraded based on feedback. Content Editor is underway and we hope for Q2 release.
22 Feb 2024 18:50
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