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Webgains Performance Data

Growth -48.54%
6th for Sales
7th for Growth
Total Sales
Channel Sales
Channel Costs
% of Total Sales
Channel CPA
Avg % Sales: 4.84%
Min % Sales: 1.78%
Max % Sales: 7.91%
Avg CPA: 11.82%
Min CPA: 11.00%
MAX CPA: 12.64%
Service Providers: 0000
IRP Merchants: 0000
Merchant Participation: 5.13%

Ecommerce Sales Data


Sales for Webgains decreased by an average of 45.33% in May 2024 compared to May 2023.

Ecommerce Sales Growth Data


Sales Growth for Webgains increased by 89.97% from -14.38% to -1.44% in May 2024 compared to May 2023.

Ecommerce Cost Per Acquisition Data


The average CPA for Webgains increased by 59.34% from 5.94% to 9.47% in May 2024 compared to May 2023.

Ecommerce Traffic Channel Percentage of Total Sales Data


Webgains sales percentage of total sales in the Ecommerce Market decreased by an average of 48.71% from 0.87% to 0.45% in May 2024 compared to May 2023.

Service Provider Performance

Rank Service Provider May 2024 May 2023 Growth % Source CPA % Overall CPA %
1st Withheld Withheld Withheld -15.71% 0.00% 8.41%
2nd Withheld Withheld Withheld -31.41% 6.32% 8.97%
3rd Withheld Withheld Withheld -72.34% 11.00% 9.04%

IRP Definitions & Calculations

All figures shown include VAT (Tax). Growth figures, if positive, are coloured green; if negative they are coloured red.

For consistency, this convention applies also to Cost Per Acquisition figures. Growth figures are calculated using the formula: (Difference between Most Recent Month & Earlier Month / Earlier Month) * 100. The formulae are applied to the underlying data and then rounded off; thus re-applying the formulae to the rounded off figures may produce very slightly different figures.

Sales Growth
This is the percentage difference (positive or negative) between the Total Revenue (£) for the selected months. Monthly monetary values are not shown.

Cost Per Acquisition
This indicates how much it costs in terms of marketing spend to acquire sales, expressed as a percentage. For each month, the CPA% is calculated using the formula: Total Marketing Cost / Total Revenue (£) * 100.  It can be thought of as the ecommerce cost of sale.

Traffic Channels
The pie chart shows the percentage contribution made by individual traffic channels to overall sales. The figures are calculated using the formula: Revenue from Traffic Channel (£) / Total Revenue (£) * 100.

* The ecommerce market data information is provided as is and is free to use provided the source is cited.  On citation please reference IRP Commerce as the source.

Live Market Data
Today v Yesterday 0.11%
July 2024 v July 2023 13.07%
YTD 2024 v 2023 15.52%
Arts and Crafts 0.40%
Baby & Child 0.03%
Cars and Motorcycling 0.27%
Electrical & Commercial Equipment 0.40%
Fashion Clothing & Accessories 0.02%
Food & Drink 0.04%
Health and Wellbeing 0.04%
Kitchen & Home Appliances 0.15%
Pet Care 0.00%
Sports and Recreation 0.01%
Toys, Games & Collectables 0.18%

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