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Basket Content Templates

How Tos (1)

You can find this section under Email Marketing > Basket Content Templates in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

This functionality allows you to display baskets differently by providing a template in HTML which specifies where the basket items begin and end. This uses a similar format to Custom Product List Templates and Order Sheet Templates.

The main BasketContentTemplates.aspx screen appears as follows:

Basket Content Templates screen

The screen shows the following details:

  • ID: This is the unique IRP identifier for this Basket Content Template.
  • Active: Active templates will be available in areas of the system such as email content, inactive templates will not.
  • Template Name: This is the name that is used when displaying Basket Content Templates within IRP Admin.
  • Date Created: This is the date and time when the Basket Content Template was created.
  • Last Updated By: This is the name of the Admin User who created the Basket Content Template.
  • Preview: Click this button to see what the Template will look like.
  • Copy: Click this button to copy a Basket Content Template. This is the ideal choice to make if you want to create several very similar templates with just small differences between each one.
  • Edit: Click this button to edit a Basket Content Template. For more details, see the How to Add or Edit a Basket Content Template article later in this section.

NOTE: To use the Basket Content Template in a Dropped Basket Email Campaign, see the Email Campaigns help topic.

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