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Dropped Baskets

You can find this section under Email Marketing > Dropped Baskets in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

The Dropped Baskets page (EmailDroppedBasketSummary.aspx) displays a list of baskets that have been abandoned by customers for a specified number of days. If you expand Other Options under the Search bar you can search by a maximum number of days, by brand, by category, by country and by basket value:


The page shows the following details:

  • The customer’s language
  • The customer’s country
  • The date and time of the basket creation/abandonment
  • The last-sent remarketing email (note that this refers to any remarketing email, not just Dropped Basket remarketing emails. You will often notice that the date shown here is before the 'Abandoned' date, indicating that the customer has been sent some type of remarketing email previous to their most-recent basket abandonment.)
  • The basket age
  • The customer’s name
  • The items in the basket
  • The basket total

You can then click the Email button to send emails (with a voucher attached) to customers who have dropped their baskets. You do this using the Marketing Campaigns section.

You can also click the Telesale button to engage the customer in a Telesale.

The IRP system identifies all valid dropped baskets (one per customer) and sends an email based on a schedule. Once an email has been sent, the same email will not be sent to the same customer.

For example, if you have two dropped basket emails set up, one to be sent after 1 day and another to be sent after 3 days, after the first email is sent it will not be sent again, unless the customer creates a new dropped basket record by adding new products to their basket and not purchasing them.

Once the basket age reaches 3 days, the second email will only be sent if the customer has not opened the first email or ordered from the first email.

Note that the Dropped Baskets will disappear from the Admin for a few different reasons, for example:
- If the stock, model or brand is deactivated then those individual basket items will no longer appear in them.
- If the basket is picked up by a customer and results in an order, it will disappear.
Under the Search bar there is also a default timeframe which limits the baskets that are displayed on the page.

Dropped Baskets Alerts bar

You can see how many Dropped Baskets are in your system by viewing the Dropped Baskets link in the Alerts menu, for example:

Dropped Baskets Alerts Menu

The count that you see includes only baskets dropped at least 20 minutes ago and covers the last 30 days. When you click the link, it takes you to the EmailDroppedBasketSummary.aspx page described above.

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