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Klarna Accounts


You can find this section under Payment Processing > Klarna Accounts in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

Klarna is an increasingly popular 'buy now, pay later' finance option for online shopping. It is particularly fashionable amongst younger, mobile-first shoppers.

According to Klarna, partnering with them is the best way to boost sales and increase your average order value. You get more customers, who buy more, and do it more often.

With Klarna correctly configured and activated on your website, customers can choose to:

  • 'Pay Later with Klarna' – Shop now, pay later, getting up to 30 days to pay. There are no late fees or interest charges.
  • 'Pay Over Time with Klarna' – (Or 'Slice it') Buy today and spread the cost over time in equal instalments. The customer's card will be charged automatically. There is no interest to pay and no fees.

Other options may be available depending on your Klarna account.

Klarna accounts page in IRP Admin

The KlarnaAccounts.aspx page appears as follows:

IRP Klarna Accounts page

You can use the following search filters to find any Klarna account in the system:

  • Environment: Select Europe, North America or All Environments from the drop-down list.
  • Country: Select a country from the drop-down list.
  • Currency: Select a currency from the drop-down list.

The results are shown in the main grid. You can view the following details for each Klarna account:

  • ID: This is the unique ID of the account, created automatically by the IRP.
  • Active: This indicates whether or not the account is active and therefore available for customers to use.
  • Admin Name: This is the name of the Klarna account within IRP Admin.
  • Currency: This is the currency of the Klarna account, for example GBP or EUR.
  • Environment: This indicates the environment (Europe or North America) of this Klarna account.
  • Use Playground: This indicates whether or not this Klarna account uses the Playground (sandbox) instead of full Production mode (payments are not taken for Playground orders.) (True/False)
  • Shipping Countries: This is the total number of shipping countries configured for the scheme.
  • Enabled Payment Categories: This indicates the types of Klarna payment categories that are active on the account, for example 'Pay Now', 'Pay Later' and 'Pay Over Time'.
  • Copy: Click this button to copy the configuration of an existing Klarna account which you can then modify as required. For more details, see How To Add or Edit a Klarna Account.
  • Edit: Click this button to make changes to an existing Klarna account configuration. For more details, see How To Add or Edit a Klarna Account.

At the top of the page you can use the following buttons:

  • Enable Klarna Payments: Click this button to enable the Klarna functionality in the IRP. (This has the same effect as enabling the Application Setting called 'Enable Payment By Klarna' (in the 'Payment' grouping). For more details, see How To Add or Edit a Klarna Account.
  • Transactions: Click this button to go to the KlarnaTransactions.aspx page where you can view details of all transactions that have taken place using the Klarna payment option. For more details, see How to View Klarna Transactions.
  • Add New Klarna Account: Click this button to create and configure a new Klarna account. For more details, see How To Add or Edit a Klarna Account.
  • All Klarna Accounts: Click this button to display all Klarna accounts in the main grid on the KlarnaAccounts.aspx page.

Klarna messaging on model pages

To display Klarna messaging on model pages, you need to access unique script content in your Klarna portal and copy it into specific places in IRP Admin. Ask your Account Manager to help you with this process. Proceed as follows:

  1. Copy the relevant JavaScipt from your Klarna account. Here is an example (this is provided as a sample only – each merchant account will have its own unique script):
    Example Klarna script
  2. Paste the JavaScipt snippet into the 'Before End Of Body Desktop Site' site script (see the Site Scripts help topic for more details).
  3. Copy the appropriate Klarna banner code from your Klarna account. Here is an example of code for an Add to Basket banner:
    Example Klarna script
  4. Create an HTML banner and paste the Klarna code into it; the HTML banner will not work without the JavaScript (see the Banners help topic for more details).

When complete you should see something like this on the model page:


Another example:


Klarna in checkout

When you have activated a Klarna account, it appears for customers to use in checkout. Depending on the Klarna payment categories that you have configured in IRP Admin (see How To Add or Edit a Klarna Account), the /Secure/PaymentDetails.aspx page appears as follows:

IRP Klarna front-end page

As an example, if the customer selects the 'Slice It with Klarna' option, they will see the following page:

IRP Klarna front-end page

As another example, if the customer selects the 'Pay Later with Klarna' option, they will see the following page:

IRP Klarna front-end page

Note that, to enhance usability, the Klarna payment options will always be visible initially and will display an AJAX loading animation until the response from Klarna is received, at which point the animation will be removed and the relevant available/unavailable content will be displayed (Small Translation 3127 is used for the 'unavailable' message).

Most of the content that you see above is pulled from Klarna. Only some areas are translatable using IRP Small Translations – Klarna manages the translation of the other elements.

Note: A customer must match the currency and country combination to qualify for paying via Klarna.

Klarna on the orders page in IRP Admin

Each new order that is placed will have a status of 'New Pay By Klarna' on the Orders.aspx page in IRP Admin. You can search for Klarna orders by selecting the 'Payment Method' filter and setting it to 'Pay by Klarna'.

Each Klarna order will show the key details below the Order ID, for example:

IRP Klarna order

On the OrderManage.aspx page, you can see the Klarna transactions by clicking the 'Payment Transactions' tab':

IRP Klarna order

You can see more Request and Response details by clicking the 'Details' tab. This opens up a new page. For more information, see How to View Klarna Transactions.

Capturing funds from Klarna

Unlike other payment methods that capture payment at the point of order placement, Klarna captures funds when the order is moved to a 'Complete' status via IRP Admin. For part shipments, when individual items in an order are completed (either via IRP order processing or an integration), the completed items are captured.

Note: If you use a third-party integration for order processing, you will need to enable the 'Process Integration Order Updates' Common Task to check orders that have been completed outside the IRP's native order processing. See the Common Tasks help topic for more information.

Making the most of Klarna

Make sure that you let your customers know that Klarna is an option for them. For some tips in this area, see the IRP Strategy Centre article Making the Most of Klarna on Your IRP Platform.

How To Guides (2)

How To Add or Edit a Klarna Account
How to View Klarna Transactions
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