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You can find this section under Languages > Languages in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

You use the languages section to define how many languages are active on your IRP website. There are 124 languages in the system — many of these are irrelevant for most companies’ ecommerce purposes. At least one language must be active. The default active language is English. English will be used if no translations are available for Small Translations or Large Translations.

If you mark a language as active, a customer can select this language to view the website. Even when a language is active you still need to carry out some work for all the information to be seen in that language. You need to translate the product data (e.g., Category Names, Product Descriptions, etc.) , information (Terms and Conditions, About Us, etc.) and website data (smaller snippets of information) into that language.

The main Languages.aspx page appears as follows:

IRP Admin image

This shows the following information:

  • ISO: This is the standard ISO symbol for the country. The browser passes this over and the site will automatically select this if it is active.
  • Active: Whether the language is active and will show the site in that language.
  • Display Order: The order in which this language will be displayed in relation to others on the front-end of the website.
  • Image: An image, for example, a flag, associated with the language.
  • Language: The name of the language.
  • Welcome Message: The message that appears on the home page message in that language.
  • Translatable: Whether the language is translatable in IRP Admin.

How To Guides (2)

How To Add or Edit a Language

To add or edit a language, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Languages > Languages in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.
  2. To add a new language, click the Add New Language button above the Search bar.
    To edit an existing language, click the Edit button at the right side of the language that you want to edit.
  3. Enter or edit the following details. If you see an asterisk (*) beside a setting it means that the setting is required.
  4. Setting Description
    Active Active languages will be selectable by customers on the front-end of the website. Inactive languages will not be selectable.
    Language Name The name of this language.
    Language ISO The ISO standard symbol for this language (must be lower case).
    Full Language ISO This field should be used to match a full browser language setting for when you need to respond on certain dialects of language e.g. Brazilian: ‘pt-br’. See How To Add a Language Dialect (e.g. US English) for more details.
    Display Order The order in which this language will be displayed in relation to others on the front-end of the website.
    Enable Translations Enabling translation of this language will allow for the input of translated values from within IRP Admin. For example, if you tick the 'Enable Translations' box for the 'Czech' language (/Administration/LanguageEdit.aspx?LanguageISO=cs), then 'Czech' will appear in drop-down lists of languages that you can select to translate content into throughout many pages throughout IRP Admin (for example, Custom Content Pages, Model Descriptions, Attributes and so forth).
    Use Translations In URLs Use values translated in this language in search engine friendly URLs.
    Trust Pilot Template ID This value will be used as the Template ID for Trustpilot emails sent to customers in this country. (There is also an Application Setting called 'Trust Pilot Default Template ID'. When sending Trustpilot emails, this Template ID will be used if there is no 'Trust Pilot Template ID' for the Shipping Country or Language of the customer.)
    Welcome Message The welcome message that will display on the home page, based on the language setting. Note that the ‘Show Welcome Message’ Application Setting (Navigation - Top grouping) must be enabled in order for this to be visible.

  5. When you have entered or updated all of the details, click the Insert Language button or the Update Language button to save the details.
  6. You can then fill in the Images details:
    Setting Description
    Show Purchase Guarantee Image Show the purchase guarantee image on the front-end models page for this language. This image will appear on model display styles 1 and 4 just above the bottom navigation. Please note, you must enable the Application Setting ‘Show Purchase Guarantee’ for this image to appear.
    Upload New Guarantee Image Upload a new purchase guarantee image. Please note, uploading an image here will override any pre-existing purchase guarantee images.
    Purchase Guarantee Target The URL within the site that the purchase guarantee image will link to.
    Upload New Language Image Upload a new language image to appear at the bottom of the front-end site map page. Images MUST be in .gif format. Please note, uploading an image here will override any other previously uploaded language image.
How To Add a Language Dialect (e.g. US English)

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