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You can find this section under Customers > Mailing List in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

The Mailing List section displays all customers that are signed up to any Email Profile and/or Catalogue Profile present in your IRP.

Here is an introductory video about the Mailing List section
Note: The video is intended only to provide a general overview of the area. Currently IRP videos are not maintained in line with each software release and therefore the features in IRP Admin may work slightly differently from the way they are shown in the video.

MailingList.aspx page

The main MailingList.aspx page appears as follows:


The title bar at the top of the page indicates the number of subscribed customers.

You can use the search functionality at the top of the page to find a subset of customers that are subscribed or unsubscribed to particular emails or catalogues. You can also filter by customers with or without an account.

The page shows you each customer’s name, email address, whether or not they are subscribed, associated email and/or catalogue profile and their subscription date. For details of how to edit these sections, see the How To articles in this section.

Mailing List Popup & Email Subscription Widget

You can use this screen to enable a pop-up to be displayed for customers when they first visit your website, prompting them to join the mailing list. To do this, click the Enable Mailing List Popup button at the top of the page. The pop-up will not be displayed if the customer has already subscribed to the mailing list, otherwise it will be displayed each time that they visit your site. To disable the pop-up, click the Disable Mailing List Popup button. The pop-up feature is associated with an application setting; for details of this and other Mailing List settings, see the Mailing List Settings help topic.

You can also configure an email subscription widget to appear on your website. For instructions on how to do this, see the How To Add an Email Subscription Widget section below.

Note that when customers sign up to the Mailing List for the first time on the MyAccount/EmailSubscriptions.aspx page, the Mailing List Confirmation email is sent. For more information, see the System Emails help topic.

Adding Customers in Batch to a Mailing List

You can also use this screen to add whole batches of email addresses to your mailing list — see the How To Batch Add Customers to the Mailing List section below.

Small Translations for the 'Unsubscribe' Link

You can use the following Small Translations for the 'Unsubscribe' link in your emails: 2503, 2504 and 2505.

How To Guides (3)

FAQs (2)

Can I add a whole batch of email addresses to my mailing list in one go?
Yes this is easy to do. Just click the Batch Add to Mailing List button and make sure that each address is on a separate line. Then validate the addresses by clicking the Validate Email Address List button, assign the addresses to a profile, set the Language and Country and click the Import button. For full details see the How To Batch Add Customers to the Mailing List topic.

When trying to add the Mailing List Popup, why do I see the message 'This email is already signed up to our newsletter'?
This message is controlled by Small Translation 898 and is displayed in the following scenarios:
  • The email address is already part of the mailing list.
  • A subscription to the mailing list has already been made within the current session, regardless of whether a different email has been entered into the form.
In both cases the customer is then redirected to a page on which they can start to manage their mailing list subscription.

Related Application Settings

Enable Mailing List Confirmation Email
If enabled, a Confirmation Email will be sent when a Customer signs up to the Mailing List.
Enable Mailing List Popup
Enabling this will automatically show your Customers a form to sign up to your Mailing List when they visit the Homepage.

This popup can be animated and positioned in many ways.

Please refer to the knowledge base for more information on how to configure this feature.
Mailing List Popup Animation Type
The Animation Type used for displaying the Mailing List popup.
Mailing List Popup Delay
The delay (in seconds) before the Mailing List popup displays on the Customer's screen.
Mailing List Popup Display Option
Determines what pages the Mailing List popup appears on and how often it appears.
Mailing List Popup Duration
Determines the time (in seconds) that it takes for the Mailing List popup's animation to complete.
Mailing List Popup Horizontal Position
The Horizontal position of the Mailing List popup on the screen.
Mailing List Popup Vertical Position
The Vertical position of the Mailing List popup on the screen.
Mailing List Voucher Amount
If the Mailing List Confirmation email is enabled, the Voucher incentive Amount to be attached to the Email.

If set to 0, no Voucher will be added to the Email.
Mailing List Voucher Discount Type
The type of Voucher to be added to the Mailing List Confirmation Email.
Mailing List Voucher Duration Days
The number of days the Voucher to be added to the Mailing List Confirmation Email will be valid for.
Mailing List Voucher Min Basket Total
The Minimum Basket Total that the Voucher added to the Mailing List Confirmation Email should work off.

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