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Make A Sale (EPOS)

You make sales using the New Sale tab (/Epos/SaleInProgress.aspx). You can enter items using either the barcode scanner or by using the search bar on the top left of the screen:

Note that you can click the arrow icon beside the 'Go' button in order to show the 'Clear Search Results' bar and to filter the search results according to whether or not brands, models or stock items are active on your website:

The 'Clear Search Results After Adding An Item' feature is enabled by default so that after you search for an item, the search results will be cleared automatically. To disable the feature, simply click the check mark and the box will clear. You can also clear the search results after:

  • Applying a Voucher to the sale.
  • Tendering an amount, before completing the sale.

This feature also applies to the Stock Mode on the EPOS.

Click the Select button to add items panel. Items that you have successfully selected appear in a list on the right as shown below. Each item that you add will automatically scroll to the bottom of the list. From here you can Tender, Park or Void the sale.

Note that you can click the image of any item showing in the panel to see a ProductInformation.aspx pop-up window:

EPOS ProductInformation Page

Some of the information you see here is controlled by Application Settings:

  • EPOS Show Part Code In Product Information: When enabled the Part Code will display in the EPOS Product Information popup.
  • EPOS Show EAN 13 Part Code In Product Information: When enabled the EAN 13 Part Code will display in the EPOS Product Information popup.

In addition, there are some Admin User Group Special Permissions which determine if an Admin User can view Supplier Cost Price and % Margin on the EPOS Product Information popup:

  • Allow Epos View Cost Price
  • Allow Epos View Margin

For more details, see the How To Make A Sale article in this section.

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