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Trading in real time is the future of ecommerce

Ecommerce rethought – IRP technology working in real time outperforms the inefficient legacy ecommerce consultancy model.
02 June 2021 - 3 min read

Yesterday’s ecommerce consulting strategy is now legacy, inefficient and expensive

When the profit opportunity is RIGHT NOW, ecommerce needs trading technology that acts in real time.

A sustained, competitive advantage comes from direct access to a single source of data and actionable insights. Separate data and analytics sources break the link between data, action and profit.

Separate sources of data and analytics are blockers to ecommerce success.

The majority of consultancies will charge to find ecommerce insights, but in the time it takes to process disparate data sources, the profit opportunity has already passed.

In an active market, the retrospective consulting approach is a counterweight to ecommerce profits as the opportunity is fleeting.

Trading in real time is the answer to inefficient, retrospective ecommerce consulting.

IRP believes that trading in real time is the future of ecommerce

We’ve built our vision around delivering international sales and results based on data, actions and profit. We believe ecommerce success is all about trading in the now while the opportunity exists.

Working from fragmented analytics is not a cost-efficient solution. Trading powered by the IRP Commerce Cloud is different – the IRP Trading Terminal delivers immediate, high-value, profitable actions in real time.

The accuracy and low cost of ownership of the Trading Terminal simply cannot be matched by using multiple data and analytics sources.

Data issues become more apparent as ecommerce complexity grows. Market uplifts come from internationalisation. Country-specific ecommerce that is multi-data source, multi-lingual and multi-currency never fulfils its potential when traditional tools and consultancy are used.

IRP V8 Signals the arrival of a profit-driven era

“The IRP Trading Terminal is the professional ecommerce trading tool of choice, turning quantitative and qualitative data into action and profit in real time.”

The IRP Profit Cycle puts trading insights at the centre of the customer journey. Insights reduce lost opportunities by learning from your customer journeys and automating the right actions.

Ecommerce is trading for today. Businesses are spending PPC budgets today to drive traffic and should react in real time to capture those sales.

Calendar planning for shopping peaks and troughs allows businesses to plan ahead, but first-source data analytics and instantly-available actionable insights allow you to react NOW in the same way you would in a retail environment.

The IRP Trading Terminal is the first solution to deliver efficient, profitable trading through data.

IRP Commerce has invested £23 million in the IRP Commerce Cloud. Version 8 arrives in Q3, 2021 and includes the next version of the IRP Trading Terminal.

Watch out for news about Version 8 launch dates and webinars. You will also be able to sign up for a demonstration webinar.

Find out more about the power of IRP Commerce Cloud Version 8.

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