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Looking Forward to 2017
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As we look forward into 2017, I see it as a year of opportunity for companies that get the basics of their ecommerce alignment right.

However the market is maturing and I see it as a year that will punish companies that fail to grasp the basics of ecommerce.

The best approach is to trust the data in IRP World and follow the formula that works.

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IRP Fundamentals
IRP Admin features an amazingly rich, comprehensive set of tools that help you to build and maintain a world-class ecommerce website. Setting up your IRP is straightforward and intuitive.
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For every IRP deployment we carry out, the key goal is to get our clients launched on time, up-to-speed, and with immediate operational efficiency and growing sales.
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It is a simple fact that identifying a customer's needs and removing their objections is at the core of all forms of selling, no matter how simple or complex the product or the selling medium.
In 2017, the best approach for companies on the IRP is to trust the data in IRP World and follow the formula that works.
A core people-based metric in the IRP World is a person's ATIFM (All Time IRP Funds Managed). This number indicates the amount of money that an Account Manager or Ecommerce Manager has transacted.
A lot of work has gone into developing the Road Map on the IRP World. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of the Road Map and to contribute to shaping the future of your platform.
Planning is crucial when it comes to successful sales using the IRP system. Calendars and planning ahead of time are crucial for the success of your digital strategy.
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