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IRP Legal Documents

These legal terms constitute the legal framework for the IRP Ecosystem. Where documents are restricted to certain counter parties - this information is confidential and should not be shared with any 3rd parties without the permission of IRP Commerce.

IRP Configuration Document
This document is used to create a configuration of the IRP Products and IRP World Services to provide an agreed Configuration for an Merchant. It forms the basis of the offer that is then priced and agreed in by an accompanying IRP Merchant Order Form.
Version 1  |  Last Updated 30/11/2023
IRP Merchant Order Form
This document clearly lists the IRP Products and IRP World Services that have been purchased by each IRP Merchant. The Order Form also lists the Prices and Transaction Fees for all items and details the Service Providers for ongoing Services and one-off Services. Reference is made to IRP World so that IRP Merchants can easily find any supporting information.
Version 1  |  Last Updated 30/11/2023
IRP Merchant Agreement
This Agreement describes the terms and conditions by which IRP Merchants may use the Products and Services provided by IRP Commerce and that are detailed on the IRP Merchant Order Form. The document governs the rights of the IRP Merchant and IRP Commerce, provides IRP Commerce with rights to anonymised market data and details how personal data is held and processed.
Version 1  |  Last Updated 09/01/2023
IRP Partner Commercial Terms
This document details the Commercial Terms between IRP Commerce and an IRP Agency. It covers key terms including who the contract controller is, how the Transaction Fee is shared and how invoicing works.
Version 1  |  Last Updated 30/11/2023
IRP Partner Agreement
This document details the Commercial Agreement between IRP Commerce and an IRP Agency. It shows the clear responsibilities on all sides, protects all parties and ensure the reporting and operating model is clear and fair to the benefit of all parties.
Version 1  |  Last Updated 28/03/2024
IRP Partner Commercial Terms (Referrer)
These IRP Partner Commercial Terms form part of the IRP Partner Agreement entered into between IRP Commerce Limited and an IRP Referrer Partner and sets out the commercial terms for Partners who refer companies to sign up to the IRP Platform. In the event of a conflict or inconsistency between the IRP Partner Commercial Terms and any of the other terms of the Agreement, the IRP Partner Commercial Terms will govern to the extent of such conflict or inconsistency.
Version 1  |  Last Updated 09/06/2021
IRP Reporting and Data Requirements
This document describes the reporting and data requirements that IRP Merchants agree to in order to facilitate the provision of the IRP Platform by the Supplier and to ensure optimal usage of the Platform by all parties. These requirements are for the benefit of both parties and are in addition to the IRP Merchant responsibilities and obligations identified elsewhere in the IRP Merchant Agreement.
Version 1  |  Last Updated 10/01/2023
IRP Privacy Policy
The IRP Privacy Policy informs everyone how IRP uses personal data when users interact with us as a registered user of IRP World or otherwise visits and uses IRP World. It also informs everyone how IRPs will look after your personal data, your privacy rights and how the law protects you.
Version 1  |  Last Updated 01/02/2022
IRP World & IRP Commerce Cloud Acceptable Use Policy
These terms, (together with the documents referred to in them, set out the content standards that apply when you upload content to IRP World and to the IRP Commerce Cloud, make contact with other users on IRP World, link to IRP World, or interact with IRP World in any other way.
Version 1  |  Last Updated 04/04/2022
IRP Commerce Cloud Terms of Use
The Terms of use for users of the IRP Commerce Cloud Admin
Version 1  |  Last Updated 04/04/2022
IRP World Terms of Use
These terms, together with the documents referred to in them, set out the rules for using IRP World. These terms apply to all registered users of IRP World, including those registered by or on behalf of partners, merchants, agencies and technical partners.
Version 1  |  Last Updated 01/02/2022
IRP Marketing Partner Status Agreement
The Marketing Partner Status Agreement details how the Merchant will benefit materially for an agreement to be able to use their IRP for specific agreed demonstration purposes.
Version 1  |  Last Updated 01/02/2022
IRP Confidentiality Agreement
This document provides the equivalent of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that individuals or companies must sign in particular circumstances before they can access an IRP resource. The NDA is a legal contract that aims to prevent IRP Commerce Limited business secrets and sensitive information from becoming public.
Version 1  |  Last Updated 01/09/2021
IRP Cookie Policy
This document describes the IRP Commerce Limited cookie policy. It provides general information about cookies then specifies the cookies that are used on the IRP Commerce website. This document also provides generic instructions for configuring web browsers to refuse cookies. Use of the IRP Commerce website constitutes acceptance of this Cookie Policy.
Version 1  |  Last Updated 01/02/2022
IRP Paid Development Marketplace Terms & Conditions
These IRP Paid Development Marketplace Terms informs dictate the legal terms agreed to for the development of software or paid projects supplied by the IRP Development Marketplace
Version 1  |  Last Updated 25/10/2022
IRP Paid Development Services Quotation
The IRP Paid Development Services Quotation defines the Scope and the Price of Paid Development Work for a Provider in the Paid Development Marketplace. It is agreed by the Merchant, a CSM and the Developer.
Version 1  |  Last Updated 29/11/2023
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