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Hints & tips to make the most of Trustpilot

10 Steps To Optimise Your Trustpilot Account

Once you have registered with Trustpilot, you are ready to begin optimising your account and make use of Trustpilot’s widgets and logos.

Trustpilot appears to be leading the way in sharing customer reviews with its open, review-driven community which connects online consumers. Three reasons for Trustpilot’s success are:

  1. Trustpilot makes it straightforward for customers to leave a review
  2. Trustpilot has a strong feature set available
  3. Trustpilot can integrate easily with ecommerce platforms

Trustpilot reviews allow your customers to make smarter, informed decisions. The reviews enable your new customers to get a feel for the quality of your customer service and how you deal with queries.

10 Steps To Make the Most Of Your Trustpilot Account

Once you have registered with Trustpilot, you are ready to begin optimising your account and make use of Trustpilot’s widgets and logos. Follow these 10 steps:

  1. Complete your company information in full, including contact numbers and email address.
  2. Reaffirm the security messaging on your website using the promotion box. You can use this section to display the top three reasons why a customer should buy from you.
  3. Ensure that your logo matches your website and social media profiles.
  4. Complete the guarantee section — display what customers are guaranteed every time they order from your website.
  5. Implement the Facebook ‘like’ box to display an overview of your Facebook account including the number of ‘likes’.
  6. Display reviews on your Facebook page.
  7. Link your reviews to your Google Seller Ratings.
  8. Create a dedicated customer reviews page on your website using the Trustpilot widget.
  9. Add the Trustpilot logo to your bottom navigation, mobile bottom navigation and other key areas of your website, including product pages and throughout the checkout sections.
  10. Customise your email invitation.

Following these 10 steps will set you up for success and will ensure that you are:

  • Making the most of your Trustpilot account
  • Providing essential details for your customers every time that they visit your site or Trustpilot account.

Maintaining Your Trustpilot Account

By implementing a third-party review service you are building trust with your customers by allowing them to share their experiences. To maintain the trust that you have accumulated, it is important that you keep your Trustpilot account up to date.

You also need to respond to negative reviews to ensure that a solution is provided to the customer. Responding to negative reviews allows you to demonstrate your excellent customer service skills.

Examples of Good Trustpilot Pages

Here are some great examples of Trustpilot company pages:


Trustpilot is a great way to cultivate trust between your business and your customers.

It is easy to get set up and, if you follow the 10 steps described in this article, you are well on your way to making the most of what Trustpilot has to offer.

If you need any help updating your Trustpilot account or improving Trustpilot branding on your website, leave a comment below.

Anonymous - Hi Chris, Interesting question, Trust Pilot do seem to be at the top of their game due to its client base, ease of use and clean interface, however other companies like Google and Feefo are also worth considering as essentially they will all allow for the sharing of reviews which build trust and allow companies to showcase the excellent service they provide.
15 Apr 2015 16:11
Anonymous - Its an interesting article. My own feeling from talking to consumers, they mention TrustPilot by name for the UK sites: "They had great TrustPilot reviews". I think it shows they are currently a Gold Standard. I don't think the others are in the race (just my subjective opinion), and I think Google might struggle to topple them for them for now.
15 Apr 2015 13:28
Anonymous - Very useful info! How do you think Trustpilot compares to the others in the market, e.g. Feefo?
15 Apr 2015 12:59
Anonymous - Good article - nice incite to the role of customer affirmation
10 Apr 2015 19:37
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