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Going Global with IRP Feeds on Marketing Cloud

Updating and maintaining IRP Feeds gives Merchants global reach to customers in all the world's key traffic channels.
05 December 2023 - 3 min read

Feed Management on Marketing Cloud is Mission Critical 

Google PPC delivered 52.4% of Merchant Sales last month.  Much of the New Customer Acquistion is via Google Shopping.  It is absolutely critical that Feeds on IRP Marketing Cloud are managed very closely to reduce costs and increase sales. 

Updating and Maintaining IRP Feeds

IRP Feed Manager facilitates the seamless integration of 150+ third party feeds giving merchants easy instant access to worldwide markets. Feed Manager is a must-have technology for growing international sales. It automates the process of uploading feeds to search engines, affiliates and comparison sites. It makes it easy for merchants to reach customers on their preferred channels. Map categories, track performance and activate feeds with the click of a button.

Feed Requirements and Specifications are constantly evolving and are regularly updated by the IRP. It’s critical Merchants take some time to update feeds in order to maximise selling potential in these channels.

Step 1

Ensure you have downloaded the latest feed specifications from IRP World: You can check your existing Specifications against IRP World by following the steps.

Watch the video clip...

*It’s critical to check with your Service Provider before updating, that they have not included any custom SQL in your feeds. If custom SQL is present customisations can be made from within the ‘Definition’ tab.

Step 2

Customisation to the standard feed specifications can be made within the ‘Definition’ tab.

Watch the video clip...

Step 3

You want to be sure that daily fetches of your feeds are set up using IRP common tasks. This helps keep your feeds updated with the most up to date product data.

Watch the video clip...

*Consider the timing of your daily currency conversion updates. It is best to prefetch your feeds no longer than 1-2 hours after currency conversion has occurred. This helps particularly with reducing the risk of pricing mismatch errors on third party feeds. Check the timing of currency conversion updates.

Watch the video clip.

Step 4

Prefetches can be set up at the Feed Level within Marketing Cloud or alternatively these can be set up directly through the Common Tasks section in Admin.

Watch the video clip.

Step 5

Consider the use of Google Merchant Center Promotions. Generate your Promotions Feed within Marketing Cloud.

Watch the video clip...

Step 6

Next you’ll need to add your Feed to the Promotions area within Google Merchant Center.

Marketing > Promotions > Promotion feeds

Add Primary Feed

Select Selling Territory

Name Your Feed and Select the ‘Scheduled Fetch’ option

Enter the feed name and create a fetch schedule. The Fetch time should be within the next hour of your currency conversion update.


IRP Feed Manager is fully integrated into the IRP. It is the single most powerful way to drive the right converting traffic to Merchants online stores. Feed Manager is a must-have technology for growing international sales. It automates the process of uploading feeds to search engines, affiliates and comparison sites. It is very important to keep feed specifications up-to-date to maximise the sales opportunity.

Talk to your IRP Account Manager for training and make sure that feed specifications are regularly reviewed.

Anonymous - Good advice - has an immediate impact on top and bottom line
07 Dec 2023 12:28
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