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Key campaign advice

IRP Campaign Checklist

When setting up an IRP campaign it is important to define your objectives and to promote your campaign as effectively as possible.

Creating campaigns in the run-up to key retail periods such as Black Friday or Christmas can often be rushed and important elements can be mistakenly forgotten.

There are so many things to consider to make the sales process as easy as possible for your visiting traffic at these crucial times so it's often difficult to remember every detail that will help with conversion.

Ideally, first and foremost, you will have completed all your research in your yearly marketing plan and reviewed it before the start of the quarter but, just in case, review your campaign objectives and promotion incentives here …

Initial campaign objectives

  • What is the objective of the campaign?
  • Is there a promotion to be set up on the IRP?
  • Can I currently set the promotion up on the IRP? I.e. is there already a promotion live on the particular brand or category? What do I need to do to set this up?
  • Is this campaign a small campaign or a large campaign to have a beginning a middle and an end?
Small campaigns include:
– Product Launches
– Weekly Best Buys
– Hot Products
– Hurry while stocks last
– Latest Beauty Trends

Discounted small campaigns:
– Flash Sales
– 10% off introductory offer
Large campaigns include:
– Celebrations, e.g. January Sale, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day etc.
– Large scale sales which last more than a weekend – July & September Sales
– Black Friday Weekend (count-down style marketing and pre-promotional activity required and BIG value perceived here 50% +)

Campaign promotion

  • Where is my audience hanging out?
  • Online – where online? Social Media, Email Marketing, PPC…
  • Offline – where? In Store, On the Radio, Bus Stops…
  • BIG Q: Does my online complement my offline? Consistency is KEY!

Small campaigns naturally require less promotional activity if the duration is shorter — i.e. a product launch will need a banner for both platforms, a social media post and an email marketing image.

Consider all avenues for both small and large scale campaigns.

Campaign creation checklist

I've created this handy Campaign Checklist for you so that you can print it off and tick as you go:

PROMOTIONAL REQUIREMENTS Identify your promotional needs:
Have you identified the objective?  
Have you decided on a promotion?*  
Is the promotion a possibility?*  
Is the campaign small or large?  
What is the duration?  
Where are we promoting this?  
Have you created content?  
Have you created the promotion?  
DESIGN REQUIREMENTS Tick off the list as you go:
Brand/Category Banners  
Home Page Banners  
Content Page Imagery  
Email Imagery  
Social Media Imagery  
Heading Banners  
ESSENTIAL TESTING Have you tested on mobile & desktop:
Content Links
Imagery Links
TRAFFIC GENERATION Have you communicated with and provided collateral?
PPC Provider?  
Social Media Provider?  
Scheduled Email?  

Once you've completed your testing, you're good to go live!

Now to drive traffic and awareness… promote your campaign across all platforms identified: PPC, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Email Database.

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