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The right solution for ambitious retailers

IRP Fundamentals

The IRP seamlessly combines sales channels and digital marketing channels into one central system. It makes life simple for everyone using the IRP and maximises the sales opportunities.
9 min read

Unique ecommerce technology

Combining an award-winning, enterprise-grade ecommerce platform and a network of performance-rated digital specialists, the IRP approach to ecommerce includes the following key elements.

IRP Commerce Cloud

The IRP Commerce Cloud has all the products and features you need to transform your growth. There’s no need for expensive third-party plugins and software development – it’s all here in the IRP:

  • IRP Shopper – Secure, cloud-based and preloaded with the latest conversion and revenue-focused ecommerce features. Multi-lingual, multi-currency, international sales ready to create an unbeatable experience. Comprehensive, intuitive and simple administration console that enables you to control every aspect of ecommerce using one central system.
  • IRP Trading Terminal – Fully integrated with the IRP and uses statistics and machine learning to turn your data into revenue-generating, profit-boosting actions in real time. Powerful prediction capability allows you to acquire, convert and retain more customers.
  • IRP Marketing Cloud – A-fully integrated suite of email remarketing tools helping you stay connected and personal with your customers and grow your sales. No need for expensive third-party email systems. Instant access to over 40 Google shopping feeds that are ready to use and internationally configured.
  • IRP Marketplaces – Instant access to Amazon and eBay , domestic and international. Simple management of stock to control all selling touchpoints.
IRP Commerce Cloud

IRP World

Connect with like-minded, profit-driven companies and maximise your revenue, margin and profit. IRP World is your connection point to the IRP ecosystem and gives you real-time access to performance and comparison data across our customer base.

You can connect with performance-rated service providers, access IRP training and accreditation, contribute to the IRP Road Map – and much more.

IRP World

Enterprise solution

No two pieces of software are the same – whether it’s an email program, a word processor, a browser or an ecommerce platform. Although one piece of software like a browser might be slightly better than another, it is generally a matter of choice as to which one to use.

However ecommerce software is one area of computing where results from each platform can mean vast differences in the sales and profits generated. In fact the ecommerce platform is often the deciding factor in online success – therefore it is critically important that a business chooses the right one.

The IRP is the right solution for ambitious retailers to expand on the global stage. It is an enterprise level ecommerce platform that can help retailers from the small to mid-market upwards to develop and implement a proven commerce strategy for sustained growth. The IRP is a fully-integrated multichannel solution combining multiple sales channels, award-winning international reach and a comprehensive set of features and tools.

Stable & scalable architecture

The IRP connects the digital and physical touch points with your customers which allows your various sales channels such as web, stock control, EPOS, phone and mobile to integrate together in real time.

It is a very stable platform, built to scale and process very high transaction volumes.

Secure cloud technology

IRP software is hosted in the cloud. Each user of the IRP has their own separate instance of the software that is populated with their data. The IRP itself is based on Microsoft technologies on an SQL Server Database. The IRP platform application is programmed on the .Net framework.

There is no requirement for any software to be installed on your devices to run the IRP. All you need is a broadband connection and a browser. The IRP is also PCI Level 1 compliant – this means a maximum level of security for your data and credit cards.

For more detail, see PCI Compliance.

Centralised administration

The IRP Admin area is where you can fully administrate and operate all areas of the IRP. It is fully secure and Admin rights are governed by role-based permissions.

For an introduction and summary of IRP Admin, see Getting Started with IRP Admin.

Comprehensive features

The IRP is packed full of features that help you to build a world class website.

For the full list, see IRP Features List.

Multichannel coverage

The IRP seamlessly combines sales channels and digital marketing channels with a centralised system. This makes life simple for everyone using the IRP and maximises sales opportunities.

The IRP solution encompasses web, mobile, telesales, till, stock control, B2B and digital marketing:

The IRP Seamlessly Combines Sales Channels into One Central System


The IRP incorporates a world-class ecommerce website equipped with all the functions, features, and integrations required for creating a successful online business. This includes everything from inventory management, order processing, customer relationship management (CRM) and advanced reporting, to a full range of sales & marketing tools.

The IRP supports multiple languages, currencies and tax calculations for true international expansion. The IRP has connections to many of the key players in the ecommerce industry. Integration with Google, AWIN, Trustpilot, Royal Mail, Parcelforce, Realex, PayPal and Worldpay means you join a connected commerce world right from the start. As commerce evolves, the IRP platform ensures you’re kept up-do-date with key developments.

See: Full Features List


Customers will research and shop through multiple devices. The IRP is mobile-ready and offers you a ‘switch on and go’ integrated mobile site. The web and mobile sites both offer full exposure across desktop computers, smartphones and tablets. Your business will be reached easily through all internet-enabled devices – the IRP combines these channels seamlessly.

See: Knowledge Base > IRP Mobile Website Overview


Telesales is an easy-to-use feature which enables your call centre or customer services team to quickly process phone orders or take over a customer’s basket at the touch of a button. All order information and customer details are instantly included within your IRP fulfilment system. This integration removes any unnecessary time that may be wasted uploading or updating stock and order information after the sale.

See: Knowledge Base > Telesales


The IRP includes a fully-integrated EPOS system that allows you to deploy multiple tills across multiple locations. The ability to manage stock and customers allows the EPOS system to save time and costs, thus impacting on the bottom line. Pricing can be varied by location and vouchers and loyalty schemes can be unified across all store and online channels. The software is powerful, yet simple enough for staff to learn and use effectively.

See: Knowledge Base > EPOS

Stock control

A feature-rich stock control system delivers benefits to your business. These include: ensuring you stock the items your customers need, increasing your stock accuracy and helping you deliver goods on time. Bring all your sales channels together into one efficient, cost-effective central stock database.

See: Knowledge Base > Stock Control


The IRP comes fully equipped with a B2B platform that facilitates trade relationships, suitable for all wholesaler, distributor, reseller and manufacturer requirements. This includes multiple customer accounts and pricing on the same platform as well as volume purchasing and pricing options. The IRP offers business software for business intelligence across all levels of the supply chain.

See: Knowledge Base > B2B Overview

Digital marketing

On top of all web, mobile, telesales, EPOS and B2B channels, the IRP comes primed with a full package of sales features and tools allowing for advanced email marketing and PPC management as well as exposure on search engines, affiliate networks, shopping comparison sites, marketplaces and social networks.

See: Full Features List

A system you can trust

Business is about making money, and the IRP will help you maximise your selling potential. The IRP has transacted over £1,000,000,000 of revenue for companies online.

The IRP is a platform that you can trust, so whether it’s a single or multichannel solution you require, the IRP puts you in total control of your business at all times.

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