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Getting Started with IRP Admin

The IRP has a comprehensive — yet intuitive — administration console that enables you to control every aspect of your IRP using one central system. Most IRP users refer to this system simply as ‘IRP Admin’. It is also sometimes called the ‘back end’ to differentiate it from your customer-facing website — the ‘front end’ of your IRP.

IRP Admin is designed for the Microsoft ASP.NET framework and so every Admin page has an i>aspx extension, for example Orders.aspx, Models.aspx, ShippingRules.aspx, and so forth. The aspx extension stands for ‘Active Server Page Extended’.

Logging in and logging out of IRP Admin

Logging In

To access your IRP Admin, follow the steps described in the Logging In To The IRP help topic. The topic also provides some helpful troubleshooting information.

Logging Out

To log out of IRP Admin, follow these steps:

  1. Click your Admin User icon or image in the top-right corner of IRP Admin. The menu expands downward and you will see the Logout button appear:
    IRP Login
  2. Click the Logout button.
    You will be returned to the IRP Admin Login screen.

Finding your way around IRP Admin

You use the top, left, bottom and centre navigation areas to find your way around IRP Admin. You can also make use of a comprehensive alerts menu and an instant messenger.

Please refer to the following help topics:

How To Guides (5)

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How To Use the Instant Messenger in IRP Admin

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