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Admin Users

How Tos (2)

You can find this section under Admin Users > Admin Users in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

After you have created an Admin User Group, you can begin adding or editing Admin User accounts. In order for users to access IRP Admin, they need to have an Admin User account.

You should give each user their own user account rather than having general accounts for multiple users. This is beneficial for any potential access restrictions and for tracking purposes.

Here is an introductory video about the Admin Users section
Note: The video is intended only to provide a general overview of the area. Currently IRP videos are not maintained in line with each software release and therefore the features in IRP Admin may work slightly differently from the way they are shown in the video.

Note that, if you have the right permissions, you can configure several aspects of Admin passwords (including complexity and number of previous passwords permitted to be reused, etc.) using the Admin Passwords section in IRP Admin.

Also, if you have permissions to view the Admin Usage History section (in the 'System Logs' section of IRP Admin), you can click the Log button in the grid in order to view a particular User’s usage history.

IRP Admin displays a small Admin User photograph within the Top Navigation Bar, to the right of the Edit button. If the Admin User has uploaded an Admin User photo via the 'Edit My Details' page (AdminUserEditMyDetails.aspx), the uploaded photo will be displayed next to the Edit button. If the Admin User has not uploaded an Admin User photo, a default picture will be displayed in its place:

Admin User Photo

Clicking the small Admin User photo within the Top Navigation Bar will redirect the user to the 'Edit My Details' page. For more details about uploading a photo, see How To Add or Edit an Admin User later in this section.

How To Guides (2)

To add or edit an Admin User, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Admin Users > Admin Users in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.
  2. To add a new Admin User, click the Add New Admin User button above the Search bar.
    To edit an existing Admin User, click the Edit button on the right side of the row belonging to the Admin User that you want to edit.
    To edit your own details, click the Edit My Details button above the Search bar.
  3. Enter or edit the following details. If you see an asterisk (*) beside a setting it means that the setting is required.

    Basic Account Settings
    Admin User ID The unique IRP identifier for this user. This is automatically generated when you add a user.
    Username The username that the user will enter to log in to IRP Admin. Note that you cannot subsequently change this after you have saved the details for the first time.
    User Group The Admin User Group that this user belongs to. Select a group from the drop-down menu.
    First Name The user's first name.
    Last Name The user's last name.
    Email Address The user's email address.
    Location The stock location that this user operates from.
    Telephone The user's main telephone number.
    Position The user's position within the company (optional).
    Upload Photo (This field is only available when editing a user's details). You can upload a photo of the user for identification purposes. Only .jpeg file formats can be accepted.
    Appear Online In Admin Instant Messaging When enabled, this Admin User will appear online to other Admin Users on the instant messaging system in the bottom navigation. When disabled, the Admin User will appear offline on the instant messaging system. This setting can also be toggled from within the Admin instant messaging box itself.
    Allow Admin Instant Messaging Sound When enabled, a sound will be played when you receive a new instant message within the IRP admin.
    Note that some of the details in the ‘Password Policy’ section are affected by the changes you make on the Admin Passwords page, for example the minimum password length.
    New Password When changing a user's password, enter the new password here. Passwords must meet the criteria displayed on the page. Note that, if you have the right permissions, you can configure several aspects of Admin passwords (including complexity and number of previous passwords permitted to be reused, etc.) using the Admin Passwords section in IRP Admin.
    Confirm Password Confirm the new password by entering the same new password here.
    Two Factor Authentication
    Secure your account by enabling Two Factor Authentication Click the Enable button to set up Two Factor Authentication on your account. See the How To Configure Two Factor Authentication article in this section.
    Import a Two Factor Authentication key from another IRP Click the Import button to upload a downloaded key file from another IRP.
    Other Account Settings
    Account Locked If you check this box, the user's account is locked and cannot be used to access IRP Admin. If unchecked, the account can be used to access the Admin.
    Is Lockout Permanent Check to make permanent the locking of this Admin User account.
    Force Password Change If you check this box, the user will be forced to change their password when they next log in to IRP Admin.
    Receive Admin Alert Emails If using Royal Mail Auto Dispatch, notification emails will be sent to the user when the tracking code batch is running low (100 tracking codes or less). Each time an order is dispatched when the selected Shipping Method's Code remaining value is less than 100, a text email will be sent to all Admin Users who have this setting enabled. The content will provide information on the Method name, ID and the number of Codes Remaining. For example, 'Royal Mail Int'l Contract Airsure (ID: 144) are running low Only 49 codes remaining. Please Request More'. This should prompt the user to contact their Royal Mail Account Manager in order to get a new Barcode Range/Extend the current Range.
    Is DBA Specify whether this user should be a database administrator. Checking this will allow the user to run and save reports from the Reports IRP section without having to have any SQL validated in advance.
    Stock Control Email Address The user's stock control email address, to be used for any stock control correspondence. Giving multiple users the same stock control email address will allow groups of buyers to be copied in on each other's purchase orders.
    Time Zone Select this Admin User's Time Zone.
    Translation Language If this user has access to translations, select the main translation language that they will be translating. If they translate more than one language, select 'All Languages'. This is also the default selection.
    Admin Home Page The page within IRP Admin that will be loaded when the user logs in. This page is also loaded when the users clicks the IRP logo at the top left of IRP Admin.
    Shop Code The username value for this user when accessing the EPOS till software. This is not used elsewhere in IRP Admin. NOTE: In order for usage of the Shop Code to be enforced, you must also enable the Application Setting called 'Epos Enable Till Pass Code Login' (in the 'Till' grouping).
    Valid IP Address Enter a list of IP addresses, separated by a comma, from which this user can access IRP Admin.
    Live Support Settings
    Live Support Name (This field is only available when editing a user's details). You can add a name for the user to use during Live Support sessions.
    Upload Live Support Photo (This field is only available when editing a user's details). You can upload a photo of the user for use during Live Support sessions. Only .jpeg file formats can be accepted.
    Show Live Support Browser Notifications (This field is only available when editing a user's details). When enabled this will show notifications when there are new Live Support sessions even if your browser is minimised. Note that this will not work in Internet Explorer.
    Address Details
    Address Line 1 The first line of the user's address.
    Address Line 2 The second line of the user's address.
    City/Town The city/town of the user's address.
    County/Region The county/region of the user's address.
    Country The country of the user's address.
    Postal/Zip Code The post code/zip code of the user's address.
    Fax The user's fax number.
    Other Phone An alternative telephone number for the user.
  4. Click the Insert Admin User button or the Update Account Details button to save the details.
    If you have entered details correctly, you see a New Admin User Added Successfully message or a Admin User Successfully Updated message.
  5. If you want to restrict this user's editing capabilities to particular brands, click the Edit Restricted Brands for User button at the top of the screen.

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Admin Users
Learn how to add and edit Admin Users on the IRP.

FAQs (4)

What are Special Permissions?
These appear when a new user group has been created. They grant further access to user groups with more behind-the-scenes audit type access.

Can you grant or decline access for sub-sections of Admin pages?
No, you cannot grant or decline access for sub-sections of Admin pages. Access can only be granted or declined on a section level.

How do I change my password?
To change your password or other details go to the ‘Edit My Details’ section. You will be asked to confirm your password by entering it again. Then proceed to clicking ‘Update’ and your password will be changed. If you are in a management or supervisory role you will have the ability to reset the passwords of users in user groups in a sub department.

Can a username be changed?
Unfortunately a username cannot be changed through the IRP Admin. However if you contact your Systems Integrator, they will be able to change it for you.

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