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Proven Analytics

IRP technology helps you make the right choices to increase your sales. Using the IRP Insights feature — including the DeepAgent™ AI analytics engine — you can visualise customer behaviour, predict outcomes intelligently and intervene decisively to get results. Act on the insights generated by IRP and you can achieve spectacular results.

Proven Success

Our customers know that success means sales. And sales figures are the things that matter most to any business owner. Few companies have taken sales from £0 to more than £170 million GBP without even having to take on investment. Find out how IRP technology underpinned a 69% compound growth rate sustained over 12 years.


The IRP ecommerce platform is the only platform that combines state-of-the-art ecommerce features with predictive intelligence and a network of performance-rated digital specialists.


Both B2C and B2B businesses enjoy the same high-quality experience on the IRP. Find out what our clients have to say.




The IRP is not just a multi-featured ecommerce platform. The IRP Insights feature, including DeepAgent™ AI, has taken opportunities in ecommerce to a whole new level. DeepAgent™ learns the actions that lead to increased sales then informs key personnel what steps they should take to see revenues rise.


Use the IRP World ‘digital village’ to link up with IRP-approved service providers and other industry experts in order to increase your sales. Because you need to know that the companies you work with are reliable, trusted and effective, the performance of all partners in IRP World is monitored and rated.


Your IRP website is fully customisable. You can select unifying design and layout themes and alter the structure and appearance of your navigation, product listings and home pages. You can also create custom pages for any purpose and customise the icons and imagery throughout your site.

The IRP has a comprehensive yet intuitive administration console that lets you control every aspect of your IRP from one central system. From the Admin you can see at glance how your company and service providers are performing. You can also find help on every Admin section and contact your support team if necessary.

The IRP will seamlessly integrate with your existing technical systems, without any risk. The IRP also comes fully integrated with essential ecommerce technology from IRP industry partners, including Royal Mail, Parcelforce, WorldPay, PayPal, Realex, Trustpilot, Google, Bing, Affiliate Window and many more.

The IRP is designed for international sales. Every element of your website is translatable into any language. You can reach any customer in any country, in any currency, using any payment method. The world-class internationlisation capabilites of the IRP make it the leader in its class and first choice for mid-market companies.

The IRP comes mobile-ready with a world-class, fully-integrated mobile site that your customers will find intuitive and appealing. As with the desktop version, you can customise and internationalise all aspects of your mobile site to appeal to consumers equipped with any data-enabled device.

If you cannot measure you cannot improve. The IRP comes fully loaded with reporting and analytical capabilities so that you are always aware of the key figures and performance statistics of your business. And with DeepAgent™ technology, you will know what moves to make and who should make them.

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