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Admin Messages

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You can find this section under Admin Messages > Admin Messages in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

You use Admin Messages to communicate internally with other IRP users. This is one of your IRP’s extremely useful features. You can send messages to specific Admin Users or to Admin User Groups, for example to let them know about new products, new features or scheduled site maintenance. You can also classify messages as urgent or non-urgent.

The main Admin Messages screen appears as follows:

IRP Admin Messages main screen

When you expand Other Options under the Search bar, you can choose to search for all Admin Messages or only unread or urgent messages.

For more details, see the How to Send and Receive Admin Messages article in this section.

How To Guides (1)

Sending an Admin Message

To send an Admin Message, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Admin Messages > Admin Messages in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.
  2. Click the Create New Internal Message button above the Search bar.
    The Create New Internal Message screen appears:
  3. Create New Internal Message screen

  4. Complete the following details. If you see an asterisk (*) beside a setting it means that the setting is required.
  5. SettingDescription
    Message Details
    Send To Select the IRP Admin users that you want to receive the message. You can use the drop-down list to select a specific Admin User Group or Admin User. Use the Shift or Ctrl keys on your keyboard to select multiple items.
    Is Urgent Check this box to classify the message as urgent.
    Message Content
    Request Reply Check this box to request a reply to the message.
    Message Subject Type a subject for the message.
    Message Content Type the content of the message using either the rich text editor in design mode or the HTML editor. If you want to insert other files or images, click the Upload Files button.

  6. Click the Send button to send the message to your recipients.

Receiving an Admin Message

When you have sent an Admin Message, or if you are a recipient yourself, you or your recipients should follow these steps to view and read the message:

  1. If you have a message waiting for you, you should see a notification at the topof the IRP Admin screen:
  2. IRP Admin Message notification message

    To read the message, click the ‘Read Messages’ link. Alternatively you can postpone reading the message by click the ‘Not Now’ link. This will remove the alert message.

    You can also see if there are any messages waiting to be read by checking the mailbox icon in the IRP Admin bottom navigation bar:
    IRP Admin Message Mail icon

  3. When you click the mailbox icon, the main Admin Messages screen is displayed, showing the message for you to read:
  4. IRP Admin Message screen showing new message

  5. You can read the full text of the message by clicking the Read button at the right side of the screen. The content of the message is then displayed:
  6. IRP Admin Message details screen

  7. If the sender has asked for a reply, you can respond to the message by:
    1. Typing the response in the Message section using either the rich text editor or HTML.
    2. Clicking the Reply To This Message button:
    3. IRP Admin Message reply screen

  8. The message will then be listed on the main Admin Messages screen, from where the message can be read, responded to and so forth.
  9. Alternatively, if you want to delete the Admin Message, click the Delete Admin Message button. You will then be prompted to confirm the deletion. To proceed, click OK.

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