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You can find this section under Jobs > Jobs in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

You use the Jobs section to advertise the current job vacancies within your company. This section allows you to list all information relevant to the position:

  • Job Title
  • Job Category
  • Closing Date
  • Salary
  • Hours
  • Job Description
  • Job Duties
  • Essential & Desirable Criteria
  • Application Form

The jobs you create are displayed on the front end of your website on the Jobs.aspx page (desktop) and the MobileJobs.aspx page (mobile). If there are no jobs configured, the Jobs.aspx page will display the message 'There are currently no job vacancies available'.

On the desktop (jobs.aspx ), the job will be displayed in a row with the option to click to see more details:

Desktop Jobs page

On the mobile site (MobileJobs.aspx ), the job will be displayed with the top-level details at the top and with the option to 'Press for More Details' underneath:

Mobile Jobs page

On the mobile site, if a JobID is entered in the URL, the jobs will be sorted by this ID and the ID entered will be at the top, with the 'Press for More Details section expanded. Otherwise, jobs will be filtered by the closing date.

Small Translations for Jobs Listings

You can use the following Small Translations to translate the header text on the Jobs.aspx page (see the information on the specific TranslationsSmall.aspx page for more details about where each of these is used):

  • 708 (Job Ref:)
  • 709 (Job Category:)
  • 710 (Salary:)
  • 711 (Closing Date:)
  • 712 (Job Requirements)
  • 713 (Job Duties)
  • 1321 (Essential Criteria)
  • 1322 (Desirable Criteria)
  • 1323 (Hours)
  • 1325 (How to Apply)
  • 2533 (Job Reference:)
  • 2541 (Job Reference)
  • 2542 (Job Title)
  • 2543 (Closing Date)

How To Guides (1)

How To Add or Edit a Job

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