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Link Exchangers

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You can find this section under Orders Tracking > Link Exchangers in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

Link Exchangers are a good way to advertise your website on another website. In return, you advertise the other site on your site.

You can view Partner links on your website at: http://www.yourIRP.com/PartnerLinks.aspx.

Here is an example list of Link Exchangers:

Each of these can then have multiple links. Each link can be rated on its usefulness, for example:

Stars are used to rate a link, ‘1’ being poor and ‘5’ being excellent:

Link Exchangers Main Screen

The main LinkExchangers.aspx screen appears as follows:

Link Exchangers main screen

You can use the search bar at the top of the page to find any Link Exchangers in the system. If you expand Other Options under the search bar, you can filter by Approved, Unapproved or Both statuses of Link Exchanger.

In the main grid you can see the following details:

  • ID: The unique IRP identifier for this Link Exchanger.
  • Approved: Check this box to approve the Link Exchanger and allow their link to appear on your website. You should only approve Link Exchangers after verifying that a link to your website appears where they have stated it does.
  • Name: The name of the Link Exchanger as it will appear on your website.
  • Orders: This is the number of orders that the Link Exchanger has generated.
  • Session: This is the number of sessions that the Link Exchanger has generated.
  • Total: This is the total value of the orders that the Link Exchanger has generated.
  • (Session): This is the value by session that the Link Exchanger has generated.
  • In: This is the number of referrals that the Link Exchanger has provided.
  • Out: This is the number of referrals that you have provided for this Link Exchanger.
  • Cost: This is currently not used by the IRP.
  • Delete: Click this box if you want to delete a Link Exchanger. Then click the Deleted Selected Link Exchangers button.
  • Email: Click this button to email the Link Exchanger. A new email will open using your default email application.
  • Edit: Click this button to make changes to a Link Exchanger configuration. For more details see the How To Add or Edit a Link Exchanger topic in this section.

At the top of the screen you can use the following buttons:

  • Setup Page: Click this button to view the front end PartnerSetUp.aspx page which partners use to set up a link exchange with you.
  • Links Page: Click this button to view the front end PartnerLinks.aspx page where users can view a list of all of your partners.
  • Categories: Click this button to go to the LinkExchangeCategories.aspx page. See Link Exchange Categories for more information.
  • Links: Click this button to go to the LinkExchangerLinks.aspx page. See Link Exchanger Links for more information.
  • Add New Link Exchanger: See the How To Add or Edit a Link Exchanger topic in this section for more information.
  • Show All Link Exchangers: Click this button to see all Link Exchangers in the main grid on the LinkExchangers.aspx page.

How To Guides (1)

FAQs (2)

How can someone become a Link Exchanger?
There is an option in the right navigation area of the site for someone to complete a form to become a Link Exchanger.

What are the benefits of having Link Exchangers on my site?
Having Link Exchangers on your site is good for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Due to the increase in links coming to your site it should hopefully then increase traffic.

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