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Purchase More Stock

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You can find this section under Stock Control > Purchase More Stock in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

The Purchase Orders screen is where you decide what stock items you need to purchase. The products that you select are added to a purchase order basket (this is specific to each Admin user). When you confirm your product selection, a purchase order (PO) is generated for the selected items. Note that you need to create separate purchase orders for different Suppliers.

The main Purchase More Stock screen (SelectStockToOrderStep1of4.aspx ) appears as follows:

Purchase More Stock screen

You can see the stages that a purchase order moves through along the top of the screen:

  • Select Stock: In this stage you select stock to purchase by searching for and adding items from the grid. If you are purchasing a completely new item, make sure that you have first added the item in the Products section. By default, the page displays only low-in-stock items.
  • Select Suppliers: In this stage you select Suppliers for the items that you want to order. Ideally you should already have set up default Suppliers for your brands (see the Suppliers help topic for details). You can also add quantities of items at this stage.
  • Review Quantities: In this stage you enter quantities and Supplier unit costs (or total costs). The currency is determined from the Supplier.
  • Confirm Selection: In this stage you review the items that you want to purchase. Once you confirm the details, a Purchase Order is created.

You can use the Search bar to search for items. You can search by Stock ID, ModelID, Partcode, External StockID and individual search terms by Brand, Category and Model (product name). You can use comma-delimited lists of StockIDs and ModelIDs in the search. Click Other Options to further filter by:

  • PO Destination: This returns the location that the purchased stock should be delivered to. Select the location from the drop-down list.
  • Active Stock Only: Check this box to return only stock that is visible to the customer.
  • Previous PO: This returns the results for a previous purchase order. Select the purchase order from the drop-down list. This can save you time if you are ordering the same products from the same Supplier many times.
  • Exclude Stock In POs & Transfers: Check this box to exclude stock that you already have on order.
  • Stock Supplier: Select the Supplier from the drop-down list.
  • Exclude Stock Already Selected: Check this box to exclude stock that is already in the purchase order basket.
  • Show Products Low In Stock Only: Check this box to return only items that are low in stock.
  • Products On Backorder Only: Check this box to return only products that have been ordered and that are low in stock.
  • Sold More Thanspan>: Enter a figure.
  • Value In Stock: Enter a figure and check 'greater Than' or 'Less Than'.
  • Num In Stock: Enter a figure and check 'greater Than' or 'Less Than'.
  • Brand: Select a brandfrom the drop-down list.
  • Category: Select a category from the drop-down list.
  • Stock Levels: Select from: All, Out Of Stock Only, In Stock Only.
  • Out Of Stock Status: Select from: All (Except Discontinued), All, Normal, Special Order, rDiscontinued, Available In.

The main Purchase More Stock section contains the following fields:

  • (Discontinue Item icon): Click the cross icon if you want to discontinue an item. You will then be prompted to confirm your decision.
  • Stock ID: This is the unique IRP stock ID number.
  • Part Code: This is the Part Code of the item.
  • Category: This shows the category.
  • Brand: This shows the brand.
  • Model: This shows the item's parent model. Click the value in the field to display a detailed sales analysis for the item.
  • Option: This shows the option. Click the value in the field to display a detailed sales analysis for the item.
  • Image: A photo of the item may be displayed in this column. Click the photo to display a detailed sales analysis for the item.
  • Level: To view the levels of stock for an individual item, hover the cursor over the Level icon. You can view the stock levels in each location (a red icon indicates that the item is low in stock whereas a green icon indicates that the item is well-stocked).
  • Total Stock: This is the stock level of the item across all locations.
  • Sales: This shows the all-time sales. Hover the cursor over this field to show other sales summary details, including: sales in the last six months, sales rank in the last 30 days, sales rank over all time, last ordered date and time, total sales value and total profit value.
  • Cost: This is the supplier cost price of the item.
  • On Order: This is the number of items that are already on order with Suppliers.

As with many other screens in IRP Admin, you can click the Export Product Data icon under the Search bar to export the data in one of several formats.

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