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How the IRP Service Marketplace Delivers Results

IRP is a unique ecommerce platform and ecosystem based around profit by monitoring both sales and costs.
16 June 2022 - 2 min read

How do Merchants benefit from the IRP Service Marketplace?

IRP is a unique ecommerce platform and ecosystem based around profit by monitoring both sales and costs.

The IRP Service Marketplace is a performance-based and competitive marketplace. It empowers IRP Merchants to select a service based on performance and ranking information.

“The IRP Service Marketplace allows merchants to optimise revenues and profits by measurement and accountability of services.”

IRP actively encourages merchants to use the Service Marketplace performance rating to inform their Service Provider decisions.

IRP is a neutral Service Market Maker. Merchants are free to use the performance data to choose any combination of service providers. Merchants are free to trade services within their contracted terms.

The IRP Service Marketplace empowers merchants to:

  • Track their services and team accurately
  • Benchmark their services and team accurately
  • Actively trade services within the marketplace

How to Trade Services?

Merchants have access to a series of services within their market. Service allocations are visible to merchants within IRP World and IRP Trading Terminal.

IRP Service Market

Merchants can track the performance, cost and growth of each service they consume.

Where a merchant believes that the current service provision is underperforming they can connect with other service providers. The IRP Service Market is an impartial enabler of choice, performance and accountability that ensures improved service provision by fostering competition in a fair and regulated market.

Merchants can contact their IRP Customer Success Manager for more information.

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