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A Guide to Using the IRP Service Marketplace

Make Every Decision About Profit
25 May 2023 - 3 min read

Make Every Decision About Profit

Every Merchant is already using a Service Marketplace to pick providers for services like PPC and affiliate marketing. This current market and decisions are informal - the Merchant looks online or picks a provider based on a recommendation. The IRP Service Marketplace formalises service selection of services like PPC to make decisions based on performance and data.

Choosing Service Providers

Whether selecting Service Providers for Pay Per Click or Social Media, or an Agency for Account Management, the IRP Service Marketplace removes guesswork on service contribution to Merchant sales and profit.

IRP is a neutral player in the marketplace. It is for the merchant to decide who provides services and for the length of that service provision.

How to Access the IRP Service Marketplace

The IRP Service Marketplace can be accessed from a number of different locations after login to the IRP:

  • The IRP World left navigation menu
  • The top bar widget
  • The bottom left corner widget
  • Service Marketplace emails

Who Can Access the IRP Service Marketplace?

The Service Marketplace allows everyone associated with the usage or provision of services and account management to view and interact with the marketplace.

  • Merchants Owners / Ecommerce Managers
    • Can view their current service provider and agency performance and can trade services in the marketplace
  • Service Providers
    • Can view service marketplace opportunities and bid for the services they provide
  • Agencies / Account Managers
    • Can view agency marketplace opportunities and bid for service provision

Two Types of Marketplaces - Account Management and Traffic

There are two separate marketplaces contained within the Service Marketplace:

  • Traffic Marketplace
    • For the provision of traffic channel services like Google PPC, Facebook Paid, TikTok, Affiliate Marketing, Bing/Yahoo
  • Account Management Marketplace
    • For the provision of the account management service that supports the merchant in provision of their overall ecommerce success

Merchant Can Review Existing Services

Merchants can easily review current providers' performances for sales, CPA% and growth. Merchants have the ability to Trade existing Services or Agencies by offering, reviewing bids and accepting offers directly within the marketplace.

A Merchant Offers Services

A Service Provider Bids for the Work

Merchants Offering Services into the Marketplace

  • View Details of Each Current Service
    • Including sales, CPA% and growth.
  • Offer Services into the Marketplace
    • Merchants may offer services into the marketplace either publicly or privately.
    • A privately offered service will not be shown to the current Service Provider.
  • Offer Date Restrictions
    • Services may be restricted from offer to the market until an initial contract period has passed. From that point forward rolling contract cancellation terms are applied.
  • View Service Provider Bids
    • View Bids that have been made for merchant services
  • Accept Service Provider Bids
    • Accept a service Bid
    • Notify the existing provider and other potential bidders that a service offer has been accepted
  • Remove an Offer from the Marketplace
    • At any time before an offer acceptance, a merchant can remove the Offer from the marketplace

Marketplace Communication and Logs

  • The Service Marketplace has a full set of communication emails that are sent between merchant, service provider, agencies and IRP during an offer process. The IRP logs all flows between the parties.

Service Providers and Agencies within the Marketplace

Service providers can view the existing services they provide to their IRP Merchants within the marketplace. They can also view all applicable opportunities that merchants have placed into the market.

Current Merchant Service Provision

Service providers may:

  • View Current Merchant Services
    • Providers can view services they provide for their merchants
  • Notified of Merchant’s Low Service Satisfaction
    • Notified of merchant satisfaction level
  • View Merchant Offers
    • Provider can view merchant offers that are placed into the marketplace
    • Interested - Provider can indicate interest to the merchant without making an offer
    • Remove interest - Provider and remove interest in providing the service after interest is shown
    • Make and Offer - Provider can make an offer for the service. The merchant can review, accept or decline the offer.

Contracts are Between Parties

IRP facilitates the connecting of parties - the contracts themselves are between parties. All parties agree to the reporting and data requirements. IRP Advocate Initial Periods and notice periods that are not prohibitively long.

Help at All Times from IRP Customer Success

If anyone is struggling to use the Service Marketplace - there is help at all times from IRP Customer Success.

Services and Technology are Both Key

"Ecommerce is about Merchant Profit. Merchants often blame the Platform when it is Services that are not performing. Yet Services and Technology are tightly linked - everything must work together to drive Merchant profits.

This is an important breakthrough - the Service Marketplace ends ambiguity once and for all in ecommerce."

Dan Loughlin, IRP CEO

Anonymous - An important step forward in understanding ecommerce
05 Jun 2023 13:43
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