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Monitoring Traffic Spend in Realtime on IRP V9.1

Latest Release Combines Major UX Updates with Novel Financial Innovation
26 March 2024 - 5 min read

Watch & Control Traffic Spend in Real Time with TRADER 👀

IRP Trader Daily Traffic Spend

The IRP Team is proud to announce the launch of IRP Version 9.1. The latest IRP release extends Trader functionality to ‘WATCH AND CONTROL TRAFFIC SPEND’ unpacking one of the last unsolved problems in ecommerce.

The functionality is ahead of the technology curve to bring total visibility of sales, costs and profits real time.

“The modern eCommerce Manager is a TRADER who manages P&L”

Les Curran, IRP CCO

IRP TRADER continues to illuminate all costs with the LIVE TRADING POSITIONS innovation. There is now no more guesswork on Traffic Spend’s impact on Merchant Profit - a substantial financial innovation.

Trading Terminal upgrades are matched by major enhancements to IRP Shopper UX - with investments continuing into the frontend experience with the rewriting of all Product Listing Pages.

IRP Shopper User Experience and Speed Enhancements

IRP Version 9.1 is a large software release containing significant User Experience and speed enhancements across IRP SHOPPER. It contains a complete redesign of Product Listing Pages throughout B2C and B2B, with 3X speed improvements.

IRP Product Listings

Listing Pages 3x Speed Improvement

Live Trading Positions is a Financial Innovation

Live Trading Positions, at the top of IRP Trader, tracks the real time Traffic Spend and key financial metrics - Daily Sales, Gross Profit, Traffic Spend and eGross Profit - all live - ultimately down to the item level.

Knowing the “Daily Takings” is a primary driver of IRP’s Day Trading strategy that underpins IRP’s mission. Now Merchants have visibility on individual channel sales and spend in real time.

IRP Live Trading Position

Real time traffic spend data represents a substantial breakthrough at aggregate and item level - it is the granularity required for the full visibility of eCommerce sales and costs to rebuild teamwork around P&L. 

What does IRP mean by DAY TRADING?


Sales Information Window - a New Level of Trading Data

Trader’s Sales Information Window has powerful enhancements with improved metrics and user experience. Merchants can now view data from Brand, Category, Model and Stock Item levels - including sales, margin, gross, traffic spend and eGross Profit - and dozens of other segmentable key metrics - revealing a new level of eCommerce insight.

IRP Trader Sales Information

Sales Analysis - the Full Cost Journey from Clicks to Sale

IRP accurately tracks all clicks in the click-trail using first party analytics. IRP Trader now captures the time and source from the first to the last click and every click in between.  Trader also records the cost of every click. This completes the full picture before and after sale - this is truly an unmatched level of granularity revealing critical information other 3rd party technology cannot match.

IRP Click Journey Tracking

Orders Tracking

Merchants can now track traffic costs and sales directly in Marketing Cloud. Track click costs and sales across all traffic partners (like Google PPC, Facebook, Email and Affiliates) and track Traffic Sources for orders and sales.

IRP Service Marketplace

The innovative Service Marketplace allows Merchants to track performance and then to pick the best Service Providers based on ranking. Now directly in Trader Merchants can view their channel performance in an easy to understand format - that links directly to the Service Marketplace. This reveals the power the Service Marketplace brings to IRP Merchants - help is a click away.

IRP Service Marketplace

Trader Page Speed

The team has invested significantly in the speed in Trader to streamline all aspects of performance. IRP partners with Microsoft and invests heavily in Azure Cloud Hosting - with over 30% of Merchant transaction fees reinvested in infrastructure and internal development to speed up the products. 

IRP continues to deepen this partnership with Microsoft Azure to power a new level of commerce calculations. Microsoft is the world's leading AI company - meaning that IRP has the world's best partner for our next phase of data intelligence.

These investments in performance improvement will be very noticeable with faster page loads in V9.1.

Trader 2x Speed Enhancements

Product Listings Pages UX

IRP V9.1 includes significant updates to the IRP Listing Pages across all shopping channels (Desktop, Mobile and Trade). User experience enhancements are internationalised and supported across all listing page types from Brand, Category to Customer Product Lists and Offers.

The new listings are designed to be highly configurable at the device level, to match individual merchants experience needs:

  • Filter locations (left and top)
  • Configurable column number
  • Inline product images carousel
  • Improved Quick Buy options
  • In-listing banners
  • Performance Improvements
  • And much, much more…

Trade Product Listings Pages UX

IRP B2B Shopper now has all the configurable features available in B2C including filter location and sort, but more significantly it supports the ability to add multiple stock items directly to the basket from listings.

Product Listing Pages

New Listings Pages Experiences for Increased Conversion


IRP has been working to improve Subscription with additional features. Subscriptions can increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) by allowing online shoppers to purchase products on a recurring basis. The functionality enables Merchants to apply subscriptions at the stock item level. IRP Subscriptions are international in nature meaning the IRP can provide a uniquely powerful offer for Merchants.

IRP Administration User Experience

IRP continues to enhance IRP Administration’s user experience section by section, making it easier to use and more performant.

WHAT IS NEXT? IRP Continues to Invest in the Future of "pCommerce" 

pCommerce is the rational profit based version of eCommerce. The ongoing work in Content Builder continues at pace - it will empower Merchant teams to create emails and custom content without HTML knowledge. This is very important to IRP and our Merchants - more information coming is soon for early adopters of Content Builder.

Investment in UX will increase substantially to make IRP products more powerful and easy to use. User experience is now front and centre to IRP's Roadmap and development decisions.

IRP is doubling and tripling down on UX - and will match and exceed the market expectation in 2024 - alongside this IRP is doubling and tripling down on data, Trader and future AI work.

The march towards IRP V10 has already begun - we believe our trading technology provides Merchants with a unique strategic advantage.

IRP has invested over £30 Million in the IRP Platform

Road Map - We Appreciate Your Feedback

The current road map was created with input and feature suggestions from the IRP Merchant and Agency base. Please continue to add your ideas for ongoing evaluation and development.

Full documentation and release notes will be available prior to the IRP Version 9.1 Public Release.

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  • Learn more about how the Service Marketplace changes merchants' fortunes click here.
Service Marketplace
Anonymous - Wonderful update. Well done all.
27 Mar 2024 14:41
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