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Your happiness will come from ecommerce profits

Long overdue but the eCommerce Accountability & Net Profit Visibility problem is now history
02 August 2023 - 3 min read

The Background of an Industry Without Accountability

Ecommerce has only ever been about TRADING for PROFIT. That profit comes from a combination of tactics, services and technology - but really it comes from very basic maths that matches all forms of retail.


Up to now if you want a job where you can earn well and avoid accountability - start a digital marketing company. You can claim expert status overnight - and Google, Tiktok and Facebook will back you 100%. The more inefficient you are at wasting a merchant's money on advertising - the more Facebook and Google will make in advertising fees.

Keep things vague, blame others, pepper in abstract terms like SEO as required - and make sure to keep attribution as complex as possible. When results look bad and you feel cornered or when the merchant is questioning profits - suggest replacing technology or point to a bright future if they stick with you as SEO kicks in….. and hope they keep paying the bills.

Now let's look at how we transform a self serving industry to make everything based on merchant profit.

Traffic spend and teams determine ecommerce profit

How IRP has Solved Ecommerce Visibility

IRP has solved the fundamental visibility and control problems of ecommerce through data. How did we do that?

1. When you measure costs and sales you can COMPARE

When you accurately measure costs and sales universally in all channels with a standard attribution - you can compare the costs and sales generated by each Service Provider. With that dataset - on every single provider and every single service - you now have the logical starting dataset to solve ecommerce.

2. When you compare you know relative PERFORMANCE

In an industry that currently compares apples with oranges, when you simply compare apples with apples it reveals all the core performance data. This creates total transparency where everyone’s performance is measured, known, compared and ranked. Relative performance is then known by all with total transparency.

3. When you know relative performance you can select the best TEAM

Universal measurement means that team and service comparison is consistent across the entire market. When everyone's performance is known by all with total transparency you know how good your team is versus their peers doing the same job.   Selection of services like PPC can be based entirely on the basis of performance.  

4. When you select the best team you make PROFIT

When you have selected the best team players - whether ecommerce managers or service providers - your results will be better than your competition. You will take market share, create sales growth and profits . This dataset and Service Marketplace that IRP provides provides the logical foundation for profit.... and creates the foundation for your happiness.

5. When you make profit you are HAPPY

Well…. this final step of being HAPPY we cannot guarantee - but we do know that by building the right team of trading professionals based on data - you will be much happier than any other outdated form of ecommerce based on guesswork.

For those with time to read the proof you can read these here and here.

People say MONEY doesn’t make you HAPPY... but it sure helps

Conclusion - IRP is a ‘DANGEROUS’ ecommerce product

The IRP Trading Terminal and Service Marketplace makes IRP dangerous to those who put their profits above the merchant's profits.

This includes underperforming Agencies and Teams - but it also includes channels like Tiktok and Facebook.  Tiktok and Facebook rarely contribute profit and are actively rigging their attribution models to claim sales and profits that do not exist.

Integrating the Service Marketplace directly into the Trading Terminal keeps merchants aware of their traffic costs and empowers merchants to make service choices based on profit all in real time. This makes ecommerce accountable, logical and profitable. 

Ecommerce is in need of major reform - and IRP will help that along by exposing the only thing that matters in ecommerce - Merchant Profit

Review our IRP Market Data...

Anonymous - IRP has exposed data that should have been the basis of ecommerce 20 years ago. This makes us a dangerous company - because IRP can expose everyone's contribution to profit.
03 Aug 2023 14:27
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