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Microsoft impressed by the new IRP cloud infrastructure

“IRP have truly built a cloud ready system that drives merchant sales” says Microsoft
11 January 2022 - 2 min read

Microsoft recently commented on the IRP V8 cloud infrastructure

Azure aligns with IRPs strategic objectives. What impressed Microsoft is that IRP infrastructure helps merchants scale their business, increase their sales and expand trade internationally.

Microsoft talks about the IRP Commerce Cloud and Infrastructure Importance

“When you look at IRP - they have truly built a cloud ready system.”

“What IRP is into is helping their end customers drive more revenue and more profit.”

Bibhas Bhattacharya - Business Group Lead, Azure Microsoft Ireland

Speed, Resilience and Security on IRP Cloud

Using the benefits of improved speed, resilience and security, the IRP auto scaling infrastructure meets the demands of changes in traffic.

Our partnership with Microsoft and ActionPoint allows IRP to automatically meet growing capacity demands without merchant intervention or additional costs.

IRP has future proofed merchants capacity demands through auto scaling and by partnering with Microsoft and ActionPoint.

“Rest assured Microsoft will be there with IRP supporting them, driving their services to their end customers anywhere in the globe.”

Bibhas Bhattacharya - Business Group Lead, Azure Microsoft Ireland

Cloud Infrastructure that matches demand and defends against threats

Microsoft Azure enables the IRP V8 infrastructure to match traffic demand, whilst having built in defences against ever increasing online threats.

Azure Front Door and Azure App Service continually monitor demand to determine if a merchant store needs to auto scale processing resources.

Critical extra security is built into Azure detecting and acting on threats to keep merchants websites safe and secure. The whole IRP infrastructure is PCI DSS level 1 compliant.

A system architecture built for global selling

The platform and infrastructure is built from the ground up to support an international approach. The Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) speeds up sites worldwide by caching static resources and product images at over 60 Edge Nodes - a global network which provides the content closest to where the user is situated.

All of this leads to improved speed, better security, better customer experience - and most of all increased sales and profits for IRP merchants.

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The new infrastructure is only available on IRP Version 8

Read how trading in real time is the future of ecommerce & how the Trading Terminal reduces the need for consulting fees here.

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