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IRP Setup Wizard

24 October 2013

IRP Set Up Wizard

The IRP Setup Wizard is the fastest way to set up an IRP system. It allows you to cover all the basics for getting started on an IRP and getting your IRP website live.

It may also be worthwhile to employ a person or company accredited in IRP setup to ensure that it is carried out correctly.

While the IRP Setup Wizard allows you to get going quickly, there are a number of things that you will have to do outside of the IRP to ensure that you are in a position to Go Live. These are things that can take additional time – plan them well in advance of your Go Live date.

To setup in advance you must:

1. Set up a merchant account with your bank

For anyone accepting credit card facilities it is vital to have a Merchant Account number. This often needs to be a new Merchant Account number if your current one is already tied in to an existing website. If you require additional currencies, you may also need multiple Merchant Accounts. As these can take time, it is worth starting the conversation with your bank or appropriate provider as soon as possible.

2. Set up a PSP (Payment Service Provider)

For anyone accepting credit cards, a Payment Service Provider (PSP) is required to tie in the IRP to the Merchant Account. You need to set up an account with an IRP-enabled PSP such as Realex Payments. As this can also take time it is best planned in advance.

3. Set up PayPal

PayPal is used in more than 30% of online transactions where it is offered as a payment method. You are advised to ensure that you set up a PayPal Business Account in advance as this may take time to be processed.

The above steps are key for payments. You should also be gathering logins for their marketing channels. For example, gathering the user names and passwords of accounts such as Bing, Google, Affiliate Window, Royal Mail, etc. This helps to prevent any hold-ups in the Go Live process.

Getting Started with the IRP Setup Wizard

You need to enable the IRP Setup Wizard initially so that it shows in the top navigation bar of the IRP. You do this using the ‘Show Setup Program’ Application Setting. You can close the bar temporarily or permanently so that the Setup Wizard will not appear until you enable it again using the Application Setting.

There are over 20 steps in the IRP Setup Wizard. These are broken down into individual steps to get the basic information into your IRP and ensure that you Go Live. The steps are a combination of basic content information that is required for your site, configuration information, and import data steps. You should follow these in order.

Blue question marks beside settings provide quick information about what information you should enter. Where required, the “Get Help” button at the top right of the Setup Wizard screen will take you to the appropriate place in the IRP Knowledge Base. This provides additional support on how to complete the task.

For more details, refer to the IRP Setup Wizard Knowledge Base help topic.

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