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The Impact on Revenue of Using the IRP Marketing Planning and Campaign Creation Service

This article outlines how to use the IRP Marketing Planning and Campaign Creation Service to communicate with your audience in a multi-channelled approach.
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This article outlines how using the IRP Marketing Planning and Campaign Creation Service to communicate with your audience in a multi-channelled approach will increase brand awareness and revenue. This article contains information from current clients.

Why use an IRP Digital Service?

If a client is under-resourced, either by time or by staff resources, or admittedly doesn’t have the full understanding of a multi-channelled approach, then the IRP Digital Service ‘Marketing Planning and Campaign Creation’, could be for them.

Account Managers are regularly highlighting revenue-growing opportunities for their clients in each monthly report and there are often times where these opportunities are not actioned, due to a number of reasons but mainly lack of resources. It’s these times where we suggest that an IRP Digital Service is considered by the clients in order to effectively take advantage of all the opportunities that the IRP has to offer.

Why do I have to plan in advance?

Planning in advance is key to the success of your campaigns as we’ll see with the metrics demonstrated later in this article. It’s imperative that you take the time to really analyse and study your market in order to identify the peak selling opportunities within your industry. Researching this data will allow you to plan ahead for these future peak times and enable you to cast your net as wide as possible.

Aside from the key retail periods within your industry, there are literally hundreds of selling opportunities outside of your industry.

Example: Singles Day in Asia

Singles Day in Asia is a relatively new ‘selling opportunity’, created by the founder of Alibaba, and it’s very similar to the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales extravaganza.

Singles Day is only ONE day whereby you can treat yourself, if you’re single (or not), to a huge discount on certain products. You may think this isn’t an important opportunity because you haven’t heard of it, but it’s absolutely huge in the Asian markets and if you get any traffic at all from Asia, you need to take advantage.

So, Planning is Key! Take a look at some stats from a client who planned and prepared for Singles Day in advance:

Singles Day Data
Singles Day Data
Singles Day Data
Singles Day Data
Singles Day Data

What is a Multi-Channelled Marketing Campaign?

Multi-channelled marketing campaigns are crucial if you want to cover all bases and spread your marketing message as far and wide as possible in order to drive traffic back to your website and increase your chances of converting that traffic.

A multi-channelled marketing campaign is exactly that: a campaign that is pushed out across multiple marketing channels, starting with your website, then pushed out via Email, Social, PPC, Affiliate, Referral and across all your platforms, both desktop and mobile.

To execute campaigns across multiple platforms and channels, you need a marketing team who is fully versed in ecommerce for this to be a success, if you don’t have that, we can help.

How do Export Technologies execute this service for us?

At Export, we are all marketing professionals who either have a degree in marketing specialising in ecommerce and digital or have worked mostly in the digital industry from the beginning of our careers.

We know the IRP inside out and have tried and tested various campaigns for our clients so we know what works well and what doesn’t. What we do know is that planning your marketing calendar and multi-channelled marketing campaigns create much better results than those that are ad hoc and unplanned.

How do we know this?

We know this because of results and comparison. Take a look below at the results for a client who allowed us to plan and create their campaign over the space of two weeks during a key retail period. These are the statistics year on year and show how effective planning and preparation can be; revenue increased 195% and transactions increased 175%.

Revenue and Conversion Rate

How do we get involved?

To take advantage of this service, either on a campaign-by-campaign basis or an ongoing basis, contact your Account Manager who will be able to give you more information.

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