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The Importance of IRP Stock Control & the New IRP Stock Control Road Map

30 November 2016 11:19

The Importance of IRP Stock Control & the New IRP Stock Control Road Map

The IRP Stock Control system, which in principle has some good features and ideas, in practice has been in beta for 12 months due to all of the other development work that has been going on.

We now plan to correct this quickly.

Our aim with the IRP has always been to cover the core ‘Commerce Operations’ for clients - the areas of buying and selling. Essentially, the IRP has been best known as a very strong web platform — but it also does tills and telesales well so that it can learn from each customer touchpoint and each sale that occurs. This interface with the customer touchpoint really helps the IRP to understand where more sales can be found.

We decided to draw the line before accounts systems, instead partnering with companies that provide accountancy systems rather than writing one ourselves — and the IRP has no plans to become a full ERP system.

The IRP does remain completely focused on Commerce Operations (buying and selling) and everything that goes around that — from business intelligence to the service provision network in the IRP World. Stock Control is part of this and is a central pillar of the IRP.  Stock Control is about buying the right products and holding the right stock to maximise the opportunnity.

The current Stock Control system was built in 2014 and 2015 by some of the key software engineers in IRP Commerce. However, while the system entered a beta release, it was not finished.

The plan for Q1 and Q2 2017 is to complete the Stock Control system and ultimately to make it a world-class offering. The current Stock Control system has some great ideas but the final details are missing to make it a super-user-friendly option that can be counted on to run the entire business for clients.

There will be two phases of Stock Control development:

  1. Phase 1 will be a collaboration phase with clients to ensure that the basic usability and reliability is in place. This will be with a select group of current IRP clients.
  2. Phase 2 will involve building in all of the associated intelligence around Stock Control to make it super responsive and to add in some great business intelligence.

Without a world-class Stock Control system, a company can never be as efficient and as profitable as it should be. We plan to completely correct this situation.

In summary, IRP Commerce has made it a priority to complete the Stock Control system and we look forward to releasing a fully working version in Q1 2017 and a world-class offering by Q4 2017.


Anonymous - We are working with a number of clients on this patching up various areas. After this we will be adding analytics and later in the year a layer machine learning in 2017.
19 Jan 2017 11:53
Anonymous - Can't wait for this....
08 May 2017 12:14
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