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You can find this section under Products > Models in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

Models are the products that you will sell on your website. You can add as many products as you like using IRP Admin. Each model must be assigned a brand and category so it is important to add all required brands and categories before creating models.

Overview video

Note: Currently videos are not maintained in line with each software release and therefore features may work slightly differently from the way they are shown.

Models.aspx page

You can use the search bar at the top of the Models.aspx page to find any model:

Model Search Filters

You can use the search bar to enter any model-related term and you can see from the screen capture above that, if you expand 'Other Options', you can use the following filters:

  • Brand: Select a brand from the drop-down list.
  • Category: Select a category from the drop-down list.
  • Show: Check the radio button for Active, InActive or Both.
  • Offer Status: Select an offer status from the drop-down list.
  • Attribute: Select an attribute from the drop-down list.
  • Stock Custom Flag: (Only if you use the IRP Stock Control feature.) Select a Stock Custom Flag from the drop-down list.
  • [Various elements]: Check the box or boxes to filter by: No Description, No Image, Extra Images, Include Kits, No Reviews, Not in Product Group, Has Discount Has Items Out of Stock, Missing EANs, Missing Part Codes.
  • Created: Select a From date and a To date.

When you have selected your filters, click the Search button at the right side of the search bar.

The main grid on the Models.aspx page appears as follows:

Models Page Grid

This shows the following information:

  • ID: This is the unique ID of the model, added automatically by the IRP system. You can click the column heading to sort the grid alphabetically in ascending or descending order.
  • [Checkbox for Activating/Deactivating]: Check this box if you want to select a model to activate (or uncheck the box if you want to select the model to deactivate). Then click the 'Update All Models' button to carry out the activation or deactivation.
  • Image: This shows an image of the model, if available.
  • Brand: This shows the brand of the model. You can click the column heading to sort the grid alphabetically in ascending or descending order.
  • Model: This shows the name of the model. You can click the column heading to sort the grid alphabetically in ascending or descending order.
  • Price: This shows the web price of the model. You can click the column heading to sort the grid in ascending or descending order.
  • RRP: This shows the RRP of the model. You can click the column heading to sort the grid in ascending or descending order.
  • Stock: This area shows the following details:
    • ID: This shows the Stock ID of the item. You can click the value in the cell to go to the ModelsEdit.aspx page where you can view details of the stock.
    • Option: This shows the details of any size/colour text that has been configured for each stock item.
    • Stock: This shows the website level of the stock. Hover your cursor over the value in the cell to see a pop-up display of the stock levels across all stock locations, for example:
      Models Page Stock Levels Popup
    • Cost: This shows the supplier cost price for the stock item. It must be entered VAT free.
    • Price: This shows the web price for the stock item.
    • Margin: This shows the profit margin of the stock item calculated from the stock price and cost price.
    • Status: This shows the out-of-stock status of the stock item. (Stock items with an out-of-stock status of 'Normal' will appear as out of stock on the front-end of the website. 'Special Order' stock items will display as such and will prompt customers to request a stock alert. 'Discontinued' stock items will display as such. 'Available In' stock items will display as available in (0.5x - x Days).)
  • [Stats]: Click the 'chart' icon to go to one of the following pages:
    • If you are an Admin User with permission to use the IRP Stock Control features, you will be directed to the ProductStockAnalysis.aspx page. For more details see the Stock Log help topic.
    • If you do not have permissions to use the IRP Stock Control features, you will be directed to the EntityStats.aspx page where you can view sales statistics for the model. See How To View Statistics for a Stock Supplier in the Stock Control section of the Knowledge Base.
  • Rank: This shows the rank of each model based on the last 30 days' sales. Click on the column header to sort the ranks in ascending order (and click again if you want to view the ranks in descending order).
  • [Checkbox for Deleting]: Check this box if you want to select a model for deletion. Then click the 'Delete Selected Models' button to carry out the deletion.
  • Copy: Click this button to copy this model and all its properties (including stock items) to a new model.
  • Edit: Click this button to edit a model. For more information, see the How To Add or Edit a Model, How To Edit a Stock Item and How To Add Add-To-Basket Drop-Down Lists of Stock Options topics in this section.

Understanding stock options

The way in which models are configured will depend on whether they have a single stock option or multiple stock options.

Models with multiple stock options

Models consist of one of more stock items which allows you to offer different sizes, colours, options of the same model.

If a product comes in multiple size/colour options, the model will consist of multiple stock items, one for each separate option. For example, a Levis Classic One Pocket Shirt that comes in two colours (Blue, Grey), over four sizes (Small, Medium, Large, XLarge), will have eight stock items.

This model will have the following structure:

This model will have the following 'Basic Model Details' when added to the IRP:

And the following size/colour options:

Models with a single stock option

If a product only comes in one size/colour option, the model will consist of one stock item. For example, a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses in one size, white colour only.

This model will have the following structure:

This model will have the following 'Basic Model Details' when added to the IRP:

And the following size/colour option:

Note that a model must always have at least one stock item. There is no upper limit on the number of stock items for a model. It is important to structure your product data as accurately as possible as it will have an impact on your conversion rates and, ultimately, sales and profits.

Note that when only one stock option is active for a model, the add to basket button is displayed by default and the 'Select an Option' control is not available in the drop-down menu. Only the single active stock option will be selected by default. You can also choose to show inactive stock to customers by enabling the Show Inactive Stock In Add To Basket Application Setting (in the 'Add to Basket' grouping). If you enable this, inactive stock items will be shown alongside active stock items on add to basket controls on the models page however the customer will not be able to add these inactive items to their basket. Also, only the single active stock option will be selected by default and the add-to-basket button will be displayed alongside it.

Key features

There is rich functionality available to you for displaying and managing your products using the IRP Commerce Cloud platform.

Brand banners and best sellers

You can use the following Application Settings (in the 'Models Page' grouping) to display brand banners or best sellers on model pages:

  • Show Brand Banners On Models Page: If enabled, any brand banners for a particular model's brand will be displayed on the models page.
  • Show Models Scroller Best Selling In Category: If enabled, a best-selling model-in-category scroller will appear on the models page.

Carousels and pop-ups

You can configure model images to be displayed either in an image carousel control or an image list control on desktop and tablet devices for all models and kits on B2B and B2C sites. You can also configure zoom functionality to provide your customers with an optimal user experience. For more details, see How to Manage Model Images in Carousels and Pop-Ups.

Wish lists

The wish list feature enables customers to save potential purchases for later. This is a particularly useful feature to have if you have a sizeable percentage of customers that regularly return to your website. For more details, see How to Manage the Wish List and How to Manage the Wish List.


You can add videos to models. These will be displayed in the image carousel and image list on desktop, mobile and trade sites. YouTube and Vimeo videos are currently supported and can display for all models and kits across all display styles. You add videos on the ModelEdit.aspx, KitEdit.aspx and FixedKitEdit.aspx pages in IRP Admin. A specific section on the 'Images' tab is available for configuring videos on these pages. For more details, see How To Add or Edit a Model and How To Add or Edit a Kit.

Colour swatches

You can display colour swatches on all listing pages on desktop, mobile and trade sites for products with associated colour attribute values. Models that are correctly set up will show the colour swatch on all listings pages, custom product lists and scrollers. For more details, see How to Add Colour Swatches on Listings Pages.

Gift wrapping

You can allow customers to select how their order is packaged, either at a basket or items level and determine if that packaging option comes with a cost or is free. This is easy to configure using IRP Shopper Admin. For more details, see How to Manage Gift Wrapping.

Rich snippets on model and kit pages

'' rich snippets are built in automatically to all IRP Model and Kit pages. Rich Snippets are small previews of relevant information on your website that display in the search results when someone does a search. For more information see Organic Search — Using Rich Snippets in the IRP Strategy Centre.

Application Settings for product listing pages and sales ranks

There are a large number of Application Settings you can use for product listing pages. These are located in the 'Product Listing' grouping. You can also use Application Settings for configuring sales rank data in the 'Products' grouping. There are too many individual settings to cover in this help topic, however most settings have a tool tip that provides detailed information on how to use the setting – hover your cursor over the help icon IRP help icon. You can also refer to the Application Settings help topic.

Note that for any of the ‘Sort By Default’ Application Settings (for example, ‘Sort By Default Brands Page’), although a value of 12 means that the default sort order will be used (falling back on sales rank), if an individual model has a 'Default Sort Order' value set (on the ModelsEdit.aspx page under 'Other Model Information'), that model will be displayed above those that do not have a value set for 'Default Sort Order'.

How To Guides (8)

How To Add or Edit a Model
How To Edit a Stock Item
How To Add Add-To-Basket Drop-Down Lists of Stock Options
How to Set Up Automated eGift Vouchers
How to Manage Gift Wrapping
How to Manage the Wish List
How to Add Colour Swatches on Listings Pages
How to Manage Model Images in Carousels and Pop-Ups

FAQs (15)

What does the MinPrice refer too?
This looks at all of the stock options within a particular active product which is the minimum priced one.
What does the purchase type refer to?
The retailer can sell the item through the website, or the customer can contact the retailer before purchasing.
Can I use a ‘+’ sign as an attribute value for a product?
No, currently you cannot do this. Instead you should simply enter ‘Plus’ as the attribute value. In your left-side navigation the product name will be displayed followed by ‘Plus’ and not ‘+’. Note that this does not affect customer searches on the front end – if they search for the product name and include a ‘+’ in the search, they will still find the product.
How do I indicate on my website that a customer should contact us if they want to purchase an item?
Open the model page in IRP Admin and in the ‘Advanced Model Information’ section, set the ‘Purchase Type’ to ‘Contact Retailer’. This will display a Small Translation or a Large Translation on the front end. If you use the IRP Admin search facility to search for the text that appears on the front end in the Small or Large Translations, you can edit it. This will display the same message for all products set to ‘Contact Retailer’ so it should be a default message that covers all products.
What are offers and what do they affect?
The offers provide a variety of options for a model. They affect how an offer is displayed and each offer will have an image associated with it.
What does the display time frame for dispatch on models page refer to?
This can be switched on/off on an individual model level. It is based on the closing time of the website for orders each day. You can change this in your Application Settings in the Closing Time section.
Why are some stock options not appearing on my website?
This could be because your translations of the Option Text are too long. This text has a maximum length of 36 characters. You can find this on the model page in the ‘Size / Colour Options’ section – click the More button to see all the details.
How do I show products that customers ‘Also Bought’?
You can display a scroller of products that have been bought by customers in addition to the model being viewed by enabling the Application Setting called ‘Enable Also Bought’ (‘Models Page’ grouping). Note that this is based upon purchase history and cannot be preconfigured, therefore a product with no previous sales will have no ‘Also Bought’ scroller on its page.
Why can customers not add an item to their shopping cart?
This could be because the model belongs to a brand which is not active, however the model is active. Normally when a brand is deactivated all models are also deactivated for that brand. It could be that the model in question has been manually reactivated at some point. To resolve the issue, either deactivate the model, or reactivate the brand.
What size should my product images be?
The bigger the image, the better; we recommend that your original images are at least 1200px by 1200px. The IRP will automatically optimise these images for the web. As such, it is always best to start with the highest quality images available. See Image Processing for more information.
How do I display a stock option in the ‘Add To Basket’ section as ‘In Stock’ as opposed to ‘Only X In Stock’?
The value of the Application Setting Low Stock Threshold determines when ‘Only X In Stock’ is displayed. If the stock level for an item is below this value then the ‘Only X In Stock’ label will display. If the value is changed to zero, then only ‘In Stock’ text will display.
How do I display 'Only X Left In Stock' against items on my website?
You can use the 'Low Stock Threshold' Application Setting (Stock Control group) to configure this. If an item's in-stock value falls below this threshold, the Add to Basket controls on the Models page will display as 'Only x amount Left in Stock'.
Where can customers see all the products that are on offer?
Customers can view all your offers on the yourIRP/offers.aspx page (desktop) and the yourIRP/MobileOffers.aspx page (mobile site). Typically you would link to this page from your top navigation or from a strategically-placed promotional banner. Note that this page also uses the 'In Stock Only' filter. If 'In Stock Only' is selected from the filter, only Promotional Products that have a positive Website Stock Level or have been set to 'Stock Held Externally' will appear in the Product List.
How do I display product Stock IDs for customers to see?
You can do this by enabling the Application Setting called 'Show Stock ID In Add To Basket' (Add to Basket grouping). When enabled, the unique IRP Stock ID will be displayed in the Add to Basket control on the Models page beside each Stock item within that Model.
How do I get an 'Enlarge Image' link to appear on a product page?
You can do this by ticking the box on the ModelsEdit.aspx page called 'Display Large Image Popup' ('Other Model Information' section). Note that the Application Setting, 'Enable Large Image Popup on Models Page' will override the 'Display Large Image' property set against a Model and will need to be enabled before the Large Image popup appears. Note also than you can change the width of the popup using the Application Setting called 'Model Images Width For Larger Image' ('Products' grouping).

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