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You can find this section under Price Match > Requests in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

If you allow price match requests, your visitors can request a match on a product that they have seen at a cheaper price on another website.

PriceMatchRequests.aspx page and top nav button

The main PriceMatchRequests.aspx page appears as follows:

IRP Admin image

The following details are shown in the grid on PriceMatchRequests.aspx:

  • ID: This is the unique ID of the Price Match Request, created automatically by the IRP.
  • Status: This is the status of the Price Match Request.
  • Image: This is the image of the item if it has been configured on the model page in IRP Admin. You can click the image to see the product page on the front end.
  • Model: This is the name of the model as configured on the model page in IRP Admin. You can click the name to see the product page on the front end.
  • Option: If applicable, this shows the option on a model for which the customer requested a Price Match.
  • Country: This shows the customer's country.
  • Website: This is the website on which the customer found a price lower than the one advertised on your own website. You can click the URL to visit the website.
  • Price: This is the price of the item on your own website.
  • Stock: This is the quantity of the item that you have in stock.
  • Request: This is the price that the customer wants you to match.
  • Offered: This is the price that you are offering the item for – this may be the exact price that the customer has requested or another price of your choosing.
  • Request Date: This is the date on which the customer submitted the Price Match Request using the form on your website.
  • Details / Reply / Replying: This is where you can click the button to see the details of completed and declined requests or to manage new or in-process requests.

You can also view price match requests from customers in IRP Admin by clicking the top navigation button shown below. This will also show the number of requests that have been submitted.

IRP Admin image

Enabling price match requests

You can enable price match requests for specific models, brands or categories using the ‘Enable Price Match for Model/Category/Brand’ setting. To find out how to do this, refer to the Knowledge Base ‘How To’ sections in the Brands, Categories and Models help topics. You also need to enable the ‘Enable Price Match’ Application Setting.

If you have enabled price matching on an item, the price match option will be shown to customers at the top of the model page. It is stored as a small translation and is HTML-compatible so that you can customise it (see the Website CSS Stylesheet help topic for details about how to customise styles). Type the search string ‘price match’ into the Quick Find search bar at the top of IRP Admin and select the ‘Translation Small’ option from the drop-down menu in order to find the relevant small translation IDs.

Here is a non-HTML example:

And a HTML example:

The price match offer will also appear beside the model description on the front end:

IRP Admin image

You can use the following Small Translations to edit this content:

  • 801
  • 809
  • 1118

When a customer clicks either the top link or the link beside the product description, they will have to fill in the price match request form. Here is an example:

IRP Admin image

You can use the following Small Translations to edit this content (note that some of these are used elsewhere in the system and so you should be careful if changing them):

  • 46
  • 48
  • 53
  • 802
  • 803
  • 804
  • 805
  • 809
  • 838
  • 1170

The lower part of the form contains the Terms and Conditions link and the button for sending the request:

IRP Admin image

You use Large Translation ID 30 for the list of terms and also the following Small Translations to edit this content:

  • 832
  • 1610

The customer will then see the following confirmation message and they will be given the opportunity to print the Price Match request if they wish to do so:

Price Match confirmation

You can use the following Small Translations to edit the content in this confirmation pop-up window:

  • 608
  • 807
  • 839
  • 843
  • 844
  • 845
  • 846
  • 876

Price Match System Emails

You can use the 'Price Match Request Accepted' and 'Price Match Request declined' System Emails to design the emails that are sent to customers when you approve or decline their requests for a price match. For more details, see the System Emails help topic.

Price Match Vouchers

Remember that you can create Price Match Vouchers to be issued when a valid price match claim is made for a product. The voucher is issued for the difference in value between your product and the price match product that is cheaper. See the Vouchers help topic for more information.

Enable Price Match on ALL Models

On the Bulk Operations page there is a button called ‘Enable Price Match on ALL Models’. When you click this button, Price Match capability will be enabled on every Model on your website — as long as you have enabled the ‘Enable Price Match’ Application Setting.

Applicable Promotions

When you are deciding whether or not to accept or reject a Price Match Request, you will need to know if there are any promotions that are applicable to the Price Match item. If there are any such applicable promotions, they will be shown in a subsection of the PriceMatchRequestsEdit.aspx page where the Price Match model and country is shown and also the following columns:

  • Promotion ID
  • Admin Name
  • Type
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Edit link

Note that this subsection is not visible when there are no promotions applicable to the Price Match item.

Price Match Application Settings

In addition to the main Enable Price Match switch, you can also define the following settings:

  • Price Match Requests Set Expiry Time Period: The number of days that a Price Match Voucher will be valid for after it is initially created.
  • Price Match Requests Set Voucher Code Length: The length of Price Match Vouchers generated by the system.

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How To Respond To a Price Match Request
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