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Tax Rates

You can find this section under Products > Tax Rates in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

You use the Tax Rates section to add, edit or delete category- or country-specific tax rates for each country. These rates will be applied as long as the corresponding category and country restrictions are met.

For example, if a Children’s Books category has a tax rate of 5% in the United Kingdom, it will apply only if the customer has set their country setting to the United Kingdom and has a Children’s Book product in their basket.

Note that the 5% tax rate will apply only to items from the set category (Children’s Books in this case). Other items will be charged at the tax rates set against their specific categories, or the default tax rate if no category specific rate is set.

The main TaxRates.aspx page appears as follows:

IRP Admin image

You can see the tax rates that are configured for all of the countries in your system. If ‘Default Rate’ is displayed in the Category column, it means that the tax rate shown in the Tax Rate (%) column applies to all categories that do not have a specific tax rate set, for a country.

You can use the Search bar to find any tax rates in the system. Use the drop-down menus to limit the results to specific countries or categories.

You can also export the data by clicking the spreadsheet icon under the search bar. You can export to the following file types: CSV, TSV, Pipe, MS Excel or XML. For further options, click the Advanced button — you can then make selections using the following page:

IRP Admin image

Note that you can also add or edit tax rates in the Shipping Countries section. Any changes made in this section will be reflected in the Tax Rates section of the relevant Shipping Country on its ShippingCountryEdit.aspx page.

Scheduling changes to tax rates

You can schedule changes to tax rates by clicking the Scheduled Tax Rate Changes button on the TaxRates.aspx page. This opens the TaxRateChangeSchedules.aspx page. For more information, see How to Schedule Changes to Tax Rates.


It is important that you configure your Tax Rates correctly. Otherwise you may see things happening such as your ‘Sold prices’ in your orders showing as lower than your ‘Instore Prices’. This could be because, for example, you have left a Shipping Country with a Tax Rate of 0 and therefore each of the items in an order will have the IRP Default Tax Rate of 20% (Application Settings > Vat Rate) subtracted from their prices.

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