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Bulk Updates

How Tos (2)

You can find this section under Data Imports/Exports > Bulk Updates in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

You use this section to make updates to a selection of key tables in IRP Admin, including your brands, categories, customers, models, stock, stock location level and translation data.

NOTE: You should NOT use the Bulk Updates section for creating new products. If you want to add new products, use the Import Products section.

This is one of the powerful features in IRP that enable you to create and manage your product catalogue effortlessly. All you need to do is complete a template file and then upload it to the IRP.

Here is an introductory video about the Bulk Updates section
Note: The video is intended only to provide a general overview of the area. Currently IRP videos are not maintained in line with each software release and therefore the features in IRP Admin may work slightly differently from the way they are shown in the video.

NOTE: You can also view a recorded webinar that demonstrates the Bulk Update functionality as part of a Promotions and Emails demo – go to the Promotions help topic to view the video.

DataBulkUpdates.aspx page

The DataBulkUpdates.aspx page appears as follows:

Bulk Updates screen

As shown in the screen capture above, there are two tabs:

  • Upload File and Stage Update Data: You use this tab to upload your completed data file, stage the data and then import it to the IRP.
  • Create Template File: You use this tab to set up and download a template file for importing the data.

Example Use Case: Updating the Stock Level in a Stock Location

To update the stock level in a Stock Location, use the Bulk Updates function and select ‘Stock Location Levels’ as the table to be updated. The Stock Location Name and ID can be found in the Stock Locations section of IRP Admin. You can create a template file using the Bulk Updates feature and limit it to the relevant Stock Location. Note that a bulk update will potentially affect website stock levels also if you check the Update Website Stock checkbox, otherwise only the local level for the specified Stock Location will be updated. If Update Website Stock is checked, the website stock level will be made to equal the sum of the stock levels across all Stock Locations for every stock ID. Note also that the system checks for duplicate StockID-StockLocationID entries before performing an update (this prevents duplicate rows being returned in the Order Sheets which join onto the Local Stock Levels table in the IRP database for Picking Locations).

For more details, refer to the How to Carry Out Bulk Updates article in this section.

How To Guides (2)

Here are some tips to help you troubleshoot bulk updates and product data uploads.

I cannot upload my file to the bulk uploads section. What’s wrong?

Please make sure that your file is saved in CSV or XLS(X) format and is located on your local hard drive.

I’m having problems with special characters or symbols being turned into question marks.

If you are manipulating product data, which may have special characters (e.g. foreign alphabet accents, symbols) it is always safer to save in Excel format as it handles character encoding more consistently than CSV format.

I’m using a Mac and I get an error whenever I try to import data.

Because of the way Apple computers record ‘line breaks’ in their file formats, files saved on Mac computers are not compatible with the IRP import tool.

To import files from a Mac, when saving your file you must ‘save as’ ‘Windows Comma Separated (.csv)’. You cannot save as Windows .xls from a Microsoft Excel Mac, so if you need to save your file in xls format (e.g. for special character formatting), you must do this on a Windows computer.

My file uploads correctly but I get an error message when I try to stage my data.

Please check that your file contains all the required columns (e.g. if you are updating the stock table you must have a StockId in your file, Models table updates must have ModelId in the file, etc.).

Please check that there are no spelling mistakes in your column headers and no empty spaces before or after the column header names in your file. E.g. ‘ModelId ’ instead of ‘ModelId’.

My file stages correctly but I get an error message when I try to import my data.

Repeat the above checks. In addition:

  • Check that your file does not contain any blank/empty rows in between your data.
  • Check that your data does not exceed the maximum length allowed for that column. E.g. Stock Options have a maximum character limit of 36 characters. You can count these using a simple Len(<CellNumber>) formula in Excel.

My file imported correctly but the data on the website is not up to date.

If you have updated prices, manually run the ‘Products > Bulk Operations > ‘Update Model Min/Max Prices’ task to make sure your stock prices are updated on the model level.

If one item of data has not updated correctly, recheck the column headers in your files for typos or extra spaces, e.g. ‘ExternalStockID ’ instead of ‘ExternalStockId’.

Unless you are using the Import Products Template and upload, which updates many tables in your database in one go, standard bulk updates can update only one table at a time. So if for example you are updating the Stock table, the template file you download may contain model and brand and category information as a reference, but when you upload, any changes made to these columns will be ignored as you are targeting only the Stock table.

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FAQs (1)

Is it possible to split an existing category into a category containing multiple sub-categories?
You can do this using the Data Imports / Exports section in IRP Admin:
1. Go to the Bulk Updates subsection of the Data Imports / Exports section.
2. Download a Model template file.
3. Assign the new Category IDs to the Models in question.
4. Re-upload the completed Model template file through the Bulk Updates subsection.

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