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Loyalty Schemes

You can find this section under Loyalty Schemes > Loyalty Schemes in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

Note: If you want to award points to loyal customers that they can then put towards purchases on your website, see the separate help topic Points Loyalty Schemes.

The Loyalty Scheme system has been created with loyalty bands in mind, e.g. BRONZE - 5% off, SILVER - 10% off and GOLD - 15% off.

Each of these bands will have its own minimum spend amount, e.g. BRONZE - £250, SILVER - £500 and GOLD - £750.

Please note that loyalty schemes can be based off RRPs or Price depending on how you set the Loyalty Scheme Apply Discount To RRP Application Setting. Other important Application Settings are as follows:

  • Show Loyalty Bottom Bar: If enabled, the Loyalty Scheme Bottom Bar will appear on the website's front-end regardless of what Loyalty Schemes are added to your IRP.
  • Enable Reward Card Collection: If enabled, a Reward Card text box will appear on the Basket and Order Summary pages. If a Reward Card number is added in this text box, it will be set against the customer's account.

When a Loyalty Scheme is made active on the back end, a bar is displayed at the bottom of the front end which customers can pull up to expand:

Loyalty Scheme bar

This bar uses several Small Translations, including 1624, 1627, 1629, 1630, 2113 and 2118.

When signed in, the docked bar at the bottom of the page will display information about which band, if any, that a customer currently is a member of. This bar expands when clicked and displays further information about the available bands, what their current spend total is and what the required spend is to reach the next band. This page is fully customisable. You can use any images you like here:

You can define a set of criteria for various Loyalty Schemes. Customers will be automatically added to a Loyalty Scheme if they meet the set criteria.

All Loyalty Schemes work off a minimum spend over a rolling time period. The scheme will look at the previous 365 days when calculating a customer’s minimum spend total (you can change the number of days in IRP Admin). For example, a Loyalty Scheme might be created that will grant a discount of 10% on future purchases if a total minimum spend of £500 or more has been made in the last 365 days.

The customer must maintain the qualifying spend over the 365 day period.

LoyaltySchemes.aspx page

The main grid on the main LoyaltySchemes.aspx page shows any previously-configured Loyalty Schemes in the system. You can use the search bar at the top of the page to find any scheme (you can enter the scheme name, description, shipping country or currency) and, if you expand 'Other Options', you can filter the results by Shipping Country and Currency.

IRP Admin image

For more information, see How To Add or Edit a Loyalty Scheme.

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How To Add or Edit a Loyalty Scheme
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