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Auto Dispatch Orders

You can find this section under Orders > Auto Dispatch Orders in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

Auto Dispatch allows clients to Complete Orders with or without the Intersoft Shipping Integration within the IRP.

Auto Dispatch is the most effective, easy-to-use way of administering Dispatch through the IRP.

Orders can be Auto dispatched in two ways:

  • By entering a relevant Order ID on Orders > Auto Dispatch Orders
  • By clicking the Dispatchbutton displayed in a relevant Order on Orders > Orders

You can also update Parcel Weights and Delete Parcels in this section as described in the HOW TO - UPDATE/DELETE PARCEL DETAILS article.

To Auto Dispatch an Order from Orders > Auto Dispatch Orders:

  1. Go to Orders > Auto Dispatch Orders on the left navigation
  2. Enter the Order ID for the Order you wish to Auto Dispatch in the Order ID field and press the Enter key on your keyboard

To Auto Dispatch an Order from Orders > Orders:

  1. Go to Orders > Orders on the left navigation
  2. Find the Order you wish to Auto Dispatch by entering the Order ID in the search field, or scroll to the Order
  3. Once you have found the Order you wish to Auto Dispatch, click the Dispatch button. This will take you to Orders > Auto Dispatch Orders page with the details of this Order displayed

From this point on, the process is the same for both methods. At this stage, the Orders > Auto Dispatch Orders page should be open and the details for the Order should be displayed — note that this screen capture applies to the case where there is more than a single item in the order:

Auto Dispatch Order Screen

Note: If you use the IRP Stock Control feature and you enable the Application Setting called Stock Control Enable Order Messaging, the IRP will perform a scan on the Order Manage and Orders Auto Dispatch page to check the order's stock standing for the Admin User's registered Stock Location. Here is an example of the sort of message you might see on the Orders > Auto Dispatch Orders page:

Auto Dispatch Stock Message

Clicking the link for the Stock and Sales History redirects you to Stock Control > Product Stock Analysis. For more details, see the Stock Log help topic.

To view the items in an order, click the View Items button at the top of the page and you will be directed to the grid showing the item details. To view the front end page for an item, simply click the image in the grid and a new window will open the link to the item.

When there are several items in the Order, you will have the option in the 'Ready to Dispatch?' area to click NO - Part Dispatch Order or YES - Dispatch Whole Order.

Enter or edit the following details if necessary:

Setting Description
Method Select the Shipping Method that parcels in this Order should be delivered with. When you change the selection in the list, the Shipping Method will be updated against the order and a log entry added against the order.
Shipping Date The Shipping / Collection date.
Tracking Code For non-Intersoft configured Shipping Methods, Tracking Codes can be set here prior to Dispatch. For Intersoft configured Shipping Methods, Tracking Codes will be auto-generated depending on Method configuration and this input will not appear.
Parcel Count * The number of parcels (or Postage Labels) you wish to create as a result of dispatching this order.
* Entering a value > 1 will open a new page for allocating individual items to specific Parcels within a Consignment. Details of how to Dispatch an entire Order across more than 1 Parcel are covered in HOW TO - DISPATCH ORDER ACROSS MULTIPLE PARCELS
Sub Total Override the Sub Total for Customs or Commercial Invoice Documents.
Parcel Type If appropriate, select a Parcel Type from the drop-down list containing any previously-configured types of parcel in your system. For more details on this area, see the Parcel Types help topic. If you select a Parcel Type, the fields that follow will be populated automatically.
Weight If you did not select a specific Parcel Type, enter the weight, in grams, of the parcel in this box.
Width If you did not select a specific Parcel Type, enter the width, in cm, of the parcel in this box.
Height If you did not select a specific Parcel Type, enter the height, in cm, of the parcel in this box.
Length If you did not select a specific Parcel Type, enter the length, in cm, of the parcel in this box.

Notes on Intersoft Orders

For Intersoft Orders, the Description of Goods field will be pre-populated with the Intersoft Description of Goods value from the associated Shipping Method.

Intersoft Descriptions of Goods

When the Order is dispatched, the Request will contain a descriptionOfGoods element with the value from the text box. The Request will also contain a customsInformation element with sub-elements shippingCharges, invoiceNumber and invoiceDate.

You can create Customs Documents for existing Intersoft shipments. A 'Customs Doc' button is available within the 'Intersoft Shipping Labels' grid at the bottom of Orders > Auto Dispatch Orders.

When you click the button, a lightbox will open where you can use Customs Document settings to create the document for printing.

Print the following Order Sheets, where applicable by clicking the Sheets button:

Sheet Description
Picking and Packing Sheets These can be printed to increase Order fulfillment efficiency
Charging Sheets These can be printed to identify which Order Items have been charged
Customer Invoices These can be printed and sent to a Customer where the payment has not been settled
Customer Receipts These should be printed and sent to the Customer along with the Order
Returns Management Form Returns Management Forms should be sent along with an Order to simplify the Returns process

How To Guides (5)

How To Auto Dispatch Orders - Single Parcel

If you are happy to Dispatch the entire Order in a single Parcel (producing 1 resultant Postage Label), review the details and click YES - Dispatch Whole Order ensuring the Parcel Count textbox value is set to 1.

After clicking, a PDF of the postage label will appear via a pop-up. You are now able to print the label by right clicking on it and selecting Print.

Please Note, you may be required to 'allow popups' from your website as most browsers implement popup blockers.

The Order will have its status set to Complete Pending Email and will be added to any Collection Manifest for the associated Shipping Method.

How To Auto Dispatch Orders - Multiple Parcels
How To Auto Dispatch Orders - Part Dispatching
How To Update or Delete Parcel Details
How To Print Labels Automatically
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