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Custom Campaigns

You can find this section under PPC & SEO > Custom Campaigns in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

Custom campaigns exist for you to create as many custom campaigns and Ad Groups as you wish. This can be used if you want to set up and use Keywords and Ad Groups in a way that does not fit the Brand & Category structures. This also gives the opportunity to create an Ad Group that focuses on specific Keywords or Products that would normally exist within the full Brand or Category Ad Groups.

The Custom Settings section is where you can add and update Custom Ad Groups. The Custom Ad Groups can be included in whichever campaigns you specify.

The main overview page will provide a breakdown of all Custom Campaigns you have created within the IRP along with information relating to the number of Active, Paused, Excluded and New custom Ad Groups within each specific campaign. If IRP Sales Tracking is implemented and attached to the Campaign, a Partner ID will also be displayed.

The following Custom Campaign Upload Files are generated in this area:

  • Keyword Upload Files
  • Ad Group Upload Files
  • Negative Keyword Upload Files

For more information, see theHow To topics below.

How To Guides (4)

How To Add or Edit a Custom Campaign
How To Generate & Upload a Custom Keyword File

Once you have set up or made changes to any settings and/or keywords for custom Ad Groups and custom campaigns you can upload your keyword changes in the required file format through the Google AdWords Editor. There are two options within the IRP – you can generate the file(s) for a full campaign(s) or you can specify a selection of Custom Ad Groups for a selection of campaigns.

To generate a keyword file for a full campaign, select using the check box to the left hand side of the campaigns. You can now click the Run Campaigns button.

Depending on the number of keywords involved, you can select to generate and open the tabbed keyword file ready for upload or you will be presented with a list of links to the files and a count of the number of keywords.

Note: Google's current limit for keyword uploads is 50,000 at a time through the Google AdWords Editor. This is stored in the IRP Application Settings and can be changed if and when required.

Once you have your tabbed keyword file open you can copy and paste into the Google AdWords Editor ready for upload. This will involve the following:

  1. Open the AdWords Editor and enter your account details.
  2. Go to Data > Keywords > Add / Update Multiple Keywords.
  3. Select My Keyword Information Includes Columns for Campaign and Ad Group Names.
  4. Paste your keywords into the text box.
  5. Select Replace the entire contents of the destination ad groups with these keywords.
  6. Click the Process button.
  7. You will see information about any errors and will be asked to confirm your changes.
  8. Finish by clicking the Post Selected Campaigns tab when you are happy with your changes.
How To Generate & Upload a Custom Negatives File
How To Generate & Upload a Custom Ad Group File

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