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You can find this section under Products > Kits in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

You use Kits to create product packages, incorporating multiple products into a single model. For example, a cycling kit could consist of a bicycle, helmet and water bottle.

Overview video

Note: Currently videos are not maintained in line with each software release and therefore features may work slightly differently from the way they are shown.

Kit Types

There are two types of kits:

  • Standard Kits: These allow the choice of different stock options, e.g. various sizes and colours of a particular model or multiple models. For example, a Kit containing one bike choice from seven different frame sizes, a helmet choice from eight different colour and size combinations, and one water bottle choice. This allows you to offer different size and colour options or even different stock items as Kit Members.
  • Fixed Kits: There is no stock option choice in Kit items. All are one size/colour options. For example, a Kit containing one tent choice and one ground mat choice. Note that you do not need to create Kit Groups before creating Fixed Kits.

Standard Kit structure

Kits (Group of Kit Groups) are composed of Kit Groups (Group of Kit Members), which are composed of Kit Members (stock options):

Before you can create a Standard Kit, you must create at least one Kit Group. Before you can create a Kit Group, you must create the various stock options (part of a Model) which will be set as Kit Members in the Kit Group. Only Kit Groups can be added to Kits so, even if there is only one stock option, it must be added to its own individual Kit Group. In the example above, there is only one selection for Water Bottle. This must first be added to its own Kit Group, before being added to the Kit.

After you have created the required Kit Groups, you can assign them to a Kit. Kit Groups can be set up so that they are required or not required. In this case, the Member Cost will be added to, subtracted from the Kit Price.

See the How To Add or Edit a Kit Group article and the How To Add or Edit a Kit article in this section for further information.

Fixed Kit structure

Fixed Kits consist of one or more set Kit Members (stock options):

They do not require the creation of Kit Groups and can be created as soon as the corresponding Model and stock options have been added to your IRP.

Fixed Kits can be used to create set product packages, removing the customer selection element. Specific Kit Members are added to Fixed Kits. They are all required and cannot be removed, unlike items in Standard Kits.

When Kit order items are dispatched, auto-dispatched, cancelled or returned, the stock location levels for the constituent Kit items are adjusted by the ordered quantity. This will prevent stock location level synchronisation errors. Fixed Kit order items are also excluded from all stock location level adjustments.

See the How To Add or Edit a Fixed Kit article in this section for further information.

Kits confirmation page

Note that there is an Application Setting called Enable Kits Confirmation Page (located in the grouping called 'Kits'). If you enable this setting, when a customer selects a Kit and then further selects the items to include in the Kit, after they click the 'Confirm Your Selection' button they will be directed to a Kits confirmation page (KitsConfirm.aspx) where they will be invited to review their Kit items and then either add the choices to their basket or return to the selection page.

The Kits Confirmation Page therefore functions like a preview page which appears between the Kit model page and the customer's basket page. When this setting is disabled, the customer will go straight to their basket page after they click the 'Confirm Your Selection' button.

Allowing purchase of out of stock Kits

It is possible to allow customers to purchase Kits that are out of stock by enabling the Application Setting called 'Enable Purchase Of Out Of Stock Kits' (in the 'Checkout Process' grouping).

How To Guides (3)

How To Add or Edit a Kit Group

To add or edit a Kit Group, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Products > Kits in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.
  2. Click the Kit Groups button at the top of the page to open the KitGroups.aspx page.
  3. To add a new Kit Group, click the Add New Kit Group button at the top-right of the page.
    To edit an existing Kit Group, click the Edit button at the right side of the Kit Group you want to edit.
  4. Enter or edit the following details on the KitGroupEdit.aspx page:
    Kit Group ID The unique IRP identifier for this Kit Group. This is generated automatically when adding a Kit Group.
    Display Name Name used on front end of the site.
    Admin Name Name used for reference in IRP Admin.
    Required Choice by Default If checked, a Kit Item from this Kit Group must be selected to add the Kit to the basket. The Required criteria may be edited per Kit via the Kit Edit page.
    Show Kit Member Descriptions Shows the Model Description for the Kit Item on the Kit page below the Kit Choice Dropdown.
    Show Kit Member Images Shows the Model Picture for the Kit Item on the Kit page below the Kit Choice Dropdown.
    Notes Additional notes which do not appear on front end of the site. For Internal Use only.
  5. Click the Insert Kit Group button or the Update Kit Group button. If inserting a new Kit Group, a new tab called Add Kit Group Members will appear which allows you to add Kit Members to the Kit Group.
  6. In the Kit Group Members Search section, use the Search functionality to find the stock items that you would like to add as Kit Members to the Kit Group:
  7. Check the ‘Add’ box beside each stock item you would like to add to the Kit Group.
  8. Click the Add Selected Stock Items button to add these stock items as Kit Members to the Kit Group.
  9. Repeat this process as necessary until you have added all required stock items to the Kit Group.
  10. On the Kit Group Members tab, you can edit the Display Order and add any Extra Cost required to each Kit Member that has been added to the Kit group. You can also use the Re-Order By Name or Re-Order By Price / Extra Cost buttons to order the Kit.
    If you make any changes in this section, click the Update Kit Group Members button to save the changes.
  11. Click the Update New Kit Group button to save the Kit Group.
How To Add or Edit a Kit
How To Add or Edit a Fixed Kit

FAQs (10)

What is a kit group?
A kit group provides an option within a kit and is a collection of stock items / models.
Where can the kits be viewed on the website?
The kits can appear as normal models or they will be in the category section.
What is the basic set up for a kit?
To set up a kit simply create the kit, give it a package price, create the kit groups and then add these kit groups to your kit
What is the display name?
The display name is the option or choice name that you are presenting to your site visitors.
What is the Admin name?
This allows you to name the kit yourself, to suit your own preferences, and can also make it easier to search for specific kits in IRP Admin.
What is the choice number?
This refers to the order in which the choices will appear.
What is meant by ‘Can choose if out of stock’?
This allows a customer to still choose part of the kit even though it is not in stock. It is up to you to arrange the delivery of this with the customer if you wish to deliver all of the order together when all items become in stock again, or send it separately.
What is meant by ‘Required Item’?
This is an item that must be purchased as part of the kit.
What determines the web stock value of a fixed kit?
The web stock value of a fixed kit is determined by the value of the lowest web stock value of the fixed kits components.
Can I make changes to stock details of a kit even if orders have already been placed for it?
You cannot make changes to the details if orders have already been placed for the kit, otherwise the changes would mess up previous orders. If you want to make changes, the best thing to do would be to create a new kit that includes the information you want to be offered to customers.
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