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Live Support Search

You can find this section under Live Support > Live Support Search in the IRP Admin left navigation menu. You can also click the 'Search Sessions' link on the LiveSupport.aspx page.

This page has extensive search functionality for Live Support Complete/Unanswered sessions that are no longer active. You can search for Live Support Sessions via Live Support Session ID, Customer Name, Admin Name and Country. You can also filter the sessions by Date and Time, Device Type and Session Status.

The main LiveSupportSearch.aspx page appears as follows:

Live Support Search page

If you expand Other Options under the Search bar, you can see the following options for finding Live Support details:

  • Status: Select from Unanswered, Complete or Both.
  • Device: Select from Desktop, Mobile or Both.
  • Date From: Enter a date and time to search from.
  • Date To: Enter a date and time to search to.
  • Shipping Country: Select a shipping country by which to filter the results.

Click the Search button when you have selected your filters.

The main grid contains the following details:

  • ID: This is the unique ID of the chat session stored in IRP Admin. This is created automatically by IRP Admin when the session is initiated by the customer.
  • Received: This shows the date and time when the customer initiated the chat session on the IRP front end.
  • Customer: This shows the name of the customer.
  • Page: This shows the page that the customer was on when they began the Live Support session. The text is hyperlinked and clicking on it will open the page in a new tab. If the page is a Model page, an image of the Model and the price will also be displayed.
  • Order Total: This shows the order total if the customer places an order after a Live Support session has been answered. The text is hyperlinked, and clicking on it will open the Orders.aspx page and display the customer’s order information. The Orders.aspx page will also display the Admin Name of the Admin User who talked to the customer before ordering, and a ‘View’ button is also displayed which, when clicked, will open a View Session window allowing the chat transcript to be read.
  • Operator: This is the name of the IRP Admin operator who has connected with the customer.
  • Rating: This shows the rating that the customer gave the Admin User during the session, either as a green ‘thumbs up’ for good, a red ‘thumbs down’ for bad or nothing is displayed if a rating was not given.
  • Country: This is the customer's country. Beside the name of the country you will see the flag of the country.
  • Language: This is the customer’s language.
  • Basket: This is the value of items in the customer’s basket in the customer's currency ISO. Click on the column header to sort the results in ascending or descending order.
  • Status: This shows a colour-coded status of the session. 'Complete is displayed in green and 'Unanswered' is displayed in black.
  • Device Type/ View: This shows the device type used by the customer, either as an image of a desktop or a mobile.
  • View: Click this button to connect to a chat session or to view a session that has completed.

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