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Mobile Settings

You can find this section under Application Settings > Mobile Settings in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

Note: For more details about the IRP Mobile Site, see the IRP Mobile Website Overview.

You use the Mobile Settings section to define the following settings:

Setting Description
Enable Mobile Site This is the master switch for making the mobile version of your website available to all visitors and potential customers. Make sure that you check this box to automatically redirect users who are viewing the site on mobile devices to your mobile site.
Enable Expandable Mobile Basket Link Check this box to enable the mobile basket link to open up a control with the basket contents without having to redirect to the basket page.
Enable Mobile Menu Check this box to enable navigation on the mobile site as an expandable left-side menu appearing in the top left corner of the mobile site. When you check this box, the Show Menu Offers Link setting and the Menu Starting Category Level setting automatically become available to you (see below for details). If you disable this setting, the brand and category drop-downs will display by default on the mobile site in order to provide your visitors with an alternative means of navigation.
Enable Show Mobile Site Links Check this box to enable a link to be displayed at the bottom of all standard site front end pages, linking to the mobile equivalent when available.
Menu Starting Category Level If you select ‘Department’, a link will be displayed on the mobile menu which, when you click it, will link through to a list of categories. If you select ‘Sub-Department’, the sub categories will be displayed in the mobile menu immediately alongside the brands and (optionally) offers links when it is first opened.
Show Menu Offers Link Check this box to display a link to the Offers page in the mobile menu.
Show Brand Dropdown Check this box to display the brand drop-down on all mobile pages.
Show Category Dropdown Check this box to display the category drop-down on all mobile pages.
Show Mobile Homepage Brand Category Selection Check this box to display a structured menu on the mobile homepage that contains links to all active brands and categories.
Show Top Settings Link Check this box to display a link for a visitor to change their country, currency and language settings in the mobile top navigation. The links takes the form of a flag associated with the visitor’s current settings. When a visitor clicks the flag icon, they can select their country, currency and language from drop-down lists. Note: even if you don’t check this box , a link for changing these settings is always displayed in the mobile bottom navigation.
Show Mobile Filter Menu When enabled an Ajax filter menu will display on the mobile site. This functions in the same way as the desktop site left nav attributes menu but is designed for mobile browsing.
Enable Add To Basket Direct From Mobile Listings This will determine if it is possible to add items to your basket from all listings pages directly instead of having to go onto the models page to do so.
Mobile Default List Style This setting determines the default style for new customers of mobile listing e.g. Category page:
- Single - One product per line.
- Two Across - Two products per line.
- Three Across - Three products per line, restricted to product images only.
Show Mobile More Info Link In Product Lists If enabled, a 'View Product' link/button will display below the main product information in product listing pages. This link can be used as a simple prompt to click through to the product in question, or can be configured to show the exact number of child stock items available within a product. The small translations related to this Application Setting are as follows:
- 2659 - View {0} Options
-2660 - View Product
By default, if a product has more than 1 stock item, the 'View {0} Options' link will be shown. If a product only has 1 stock item, then the 'View Product' link will be shown. If you do not wish to display the count of children stock items, simply delete the contents of Small Translation ID 2659 all products will default to the 'View Product' link.

If you make any changes here, click the Update Mobile Settings button.

Live Market Data
Today v Yesterday 0.12%
July 2024 v July 2023 15.82%
YTD 2024 v 2023 3.45%
Arts and Crafts 0.39%
Baby & Child 0.05%
Cars and Motorcycling 1.17%
Electrical & Commercial Equipment 0.06%
Fashion Clothing & Accessories 0.03%
Food & Drink 0.04%
Health and Wellbeing 0.03%
Kitchen & Home Appliances 0.17%
Pet Care 0.24%
Sports and Recreation 0.05%
Toys, Games & Collectables 0.17%

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