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You can find this section under Interface & Design > News in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

The news links section appears on the right side navigation of your website. It takes the form of a headline, news abstract and a small headline image if desired.

The news section then appears on the website in a section that allows you to show an archive of all news articles that have been published by your organisation. The most-recent articles always appear first.

You can remove the Left Navigation bar from News pages, if desired, by unchecking the box for the Application Setting called 'Show Left Nav On News Page' ('Navigation-Left' grouping). By default, this setting is ‘on’ to maintain the current status of the left navigation bar on news pages.

You can also display Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) versions of existing News pages. When you 'Render AMP Version' on the NewsEdit.aspx page, customers will be able to access an AMP version of the News page for that News item. When the checkbox is not checked, if customers attempt to access the AMP version of the News page they will simply be redirected to the Desktop version of the News page.

These AMP pages feature a Headline image and Title, publishing details, News content and a header (Large Translation 121) and footer (Large Translation 122). The News content for the AMP pages can either:

  • Use the standard content used on the Desktop version of the News item page when the 'Use Standard Content' checkbox is checked on the Edit News Item Page.
  • When the 'Use Standard Content' checkbox is unchecked, a text editor will be displayed in the 'AMP News Content' section allowing custom AMP content to be written and used instead. This text editor also allows images to be dragged and dropped onto it, so that images may be used within the AMP content.

AMP pages are also styled via an AMP stylesheet — click the View AMP StyleSheet button on the NewsHome.aspx page or the NewsEdit.aspx page to view and make any changes necessary on the CssStylesAMP.aspx page.

The NewsHome.aspx page appears as follows:

News screen

You can see the following details:

  • ID: The unique identifier for the news item, added automatically by IRP Admin.
  • Active: This indicates whether the news item is being displayed on the front end.
  • Display Order: The order in which the news item is displayed in the Right Nav. The lower the number the further up the list it is displayed.
  • Headline Image: The image associated with the News item. Click this to go to the NewsEdit.aspx page where you can edit the image.
  • Headline: The headline for the news item
  • News Abstract: Abstract text that appears on the home page next to the News item's link.
  • Posted By: The name of the Admin User who posted the news item.
  • Department: The Department or Navigation tab that this News Item will appear under.
  • Date Created: The date and time when the News item was created.
  • View: Click to preview the News item on the front end.
  • Edit: Click to edit the News item. For more details, see How To Add or Edit a News Item in this section.
  • View: Click either the Desktop or Mobile icons to see what the news item looks like on the front end.

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FAQs (1)

How do I include a PDF document in the News section?
You can do this as follows:
1. First create your PDF.
2. Create a folder called ‘PDF’ under Interface & Design > Images Folder and upload your PDF to the folder. See the Images Folder help topic for details.
3. Go to Interface & Design > News and click the 'Add New News Item' button.
4. Fill in the details using the News help topic for guidance.
5. In the ‘Content’ section, use the HTML editor to add the following HTML code to link to the PDF document:


<a shape="rect" href="/Images/PDF/Name-of-PDF.pdf" target="_blank">Name-of-PDF</a>


Make sure that you enter the correct name of the file in the URL in place of “Name-of-PDF” (and again before the closing </a> tag).

6. Click the 'Insert News Item' button.
7. Make sure that you have configured the related Application Settings in the way you want, as described in the News help topic.

Related Application Settings

News Number Of Articles To Show
The Number of Articles to show on the News element on the website's Right Hand Navigation.
Show Left Nav On News Page
If enabled, the Left Hand Navigation will appear on the News page, otherwise it will not.

Please Note, the Enable Left Nav Application Setting must also be enabled.
Show News In Right Hand Navigation
If set to true, a list of News Headlines will appear on the website's Right Hand Navigation provided the Show Right Nav Application Setting is set to true.

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