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Price Adjustments

You can find this section under Price Adjustments > Price Adjustments in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

You use this section to temporarily adjust the pricing of brands or categories for a specific period of time. NOTE that Price Adjustments are for editing the Prices (NOT RRPs) of Products for a finite period of time.

PriceAdjustments.aspx page

The main PriceAdjustments.aspx page appears as follows:

Price Adjustments page

You can use the search function at the top of the page to find all, pending, reverted or permanent Price Adjustments. In the main grid you can see the following details for each Price Adjustment: ID, Description, Start & End Date and whether or not it is permanent. To make changes to any Price Adjustment, click the Edit button - for details, refer to the 'How To' sections below.

Methods for making Price Adjustments

You use price adjustments to update prices in bulk using one of two methods:

  1. Uploading a completed template file in one of the following formats:
    • CSV — comma separated
    • TSV — tab separated
    • TXT — pipe separated
  2. Manually selecting brand and category combinations, then entering a discount percentage.

You can apply price adjustments for a certain date range or permanently, until they are deleted.

How To Guides (2)

How To Create a Price Adjustment (File Upload)
How To Add or Edit a Price Adjustment Manually

To create a price adjustment using the manual procedure, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Price Adjustments > Price Adjustments in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.
  2. To add a price adjustment, click the Add New Price Adjustment button.
    To edit a price adjustment, click the Edit button.. NOTE: You cannot edit a Price Adjustment if it is set to 'Is Permanent'. If you want to include more products in such an Adjustment, you should add a new permanent Adjustment or, if the prices change, then you should delete the existing permanent Adjustment (as the original was supposed to be 'permanent').
  3. Enter or edit the following details (NOTE: to edit product details of an existing Adjustment you have to use the Download Price Adjustments File function and then upload the new file using Upload Edited Price Adjustments File):
    Scheduling Controls
    Price Adjustment ID The unique IRP identifier for this price adjustment. This is generated automatically when you create a price adjustment.
    Description An optional price adjustment description. This is useful when you need to identify the price adjustment that has been created.
    Has Start Date If a price adjustment does not have a start date then it will start immediately.
    Start Date This is the date that the price adjustment will start when the above option is ticked.
    Is Permanent Permanent price adjustments run for an infinite amount of time. If you check this box, the price adjustment has not been scheduled to stop.
    End Date If you have not checked the ‘Is Permanent’ option, then you must set a date here for the adjustment to end.
    Product Selection
    Selection Type For manual selection, select ‘Manual Selection’ for this option.
    Brands Select brands you want to apply the adjustment to. Select ‘All Brands’ if all brands are required.
    Categories Select categories you want to apply the adjustment to. Select ‘All Categories’ if all categories are required.
    Discount (%) The amount as a percentage to discount the products by.
    Round Prices to Rounds the discounted products to the nearest 9 or 99 pence. Alternatively select ‘None’.
  4. When you have entered all of the details, click the Add Stock Items For Selection button. To save the Price Adjustment, click the Create Price Adjustment button.

FAQs (2)

Can I adjust RRPs based on country?
Only if you have purchased a license for IRP Advanced Pricing. Otherwise, you can use the Product Discounts section in IRP Admin to change the web selling price (and optionally also the RRP) either up or down on a country-by-country basis. Discounts can be applied on a country, category or brand level — the possible combinations are listed in the Product Discounts help topic.
Is the Price Adjustments section for editing the Prices or the RRPs of products?
Price Adjustments are for editing the Prices (NOT RRPs) of Products for a finite period of time.

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