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Stock Label Printing

You can find this section under Stock Control > Stock Label Printing in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

You use this section to search for and select any model for which stock labels need to be printed. You can also use this page to:

  • View and add label paper types
  • View and edit items in the label basket

The main Label Printing page (StockLabelSelect.aspx) shows several details for each model in a separate row:

Stock Label Print page

You can use the Search bar to conduct a general search for any model or to filter by Stock ID or Model ID (note that you can also search by EAN if you enter it in the search bar). If you expand Other Options you can filter by:

  • Category
  • Brand
  • Picking Location

The details shown in the main grid include:

  • Model ID: This is a unique IRP identifier for each model.
  • Active: This shows whether the model is visible to the customer (active) or not visible (inactive).
  • Brand: This shows the brand.
  • Model: This shows the model.
  • Image: This shows an image of the item. You can click the image to view sales details for the item.
  • Price: This shows the retail price of the item.
  • RRP: This shows the recommended retail price of the item.
  • Stock: This shows details such as the stock ID, option, number of the option in stock and retail price of each item.
  • Check box: Check the box on the right of each row for models that you want to add to the label print basket (or select the 'all' check box if you want all the stock items to be printed). For more details see How To Add and Print Labels Using the Print Basket.
  • Quick Print: This opens the StockLabelPrint.aspx page which allows you to print your label using your default printer. Only a single copy of the label is printed, regardless of the stock level.

Labels printed from within stock control produce a barcode from the stock ID padded out with zeroes to 13 digits. The stock ID itself is also printed on the label.

Note: Remember to disable any pop-up blockers on your browser, otherwise the labels will not be printed!

How To Guides (2)

How To View and Edit Label Paper Types

To view and edit label paper types, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Stock Control > Stock Label Printing in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.
  2. Click the View All Label Paper Types button above the Search bar.
    The StockLabelPaperTypes.aspx page appears.
  3. To add a new paper type, click the Add New Paper Type button.
    To edit an existing paper type, click the Edit button to the right of the row for the paper type that you want to edit.
    The StockLabelPaperTypesEdit.aspx page appears.
  4. Enter or edit the following details:
    Paper Type Details
    Paper Name Enter a unique name for the paper type that will be used throughout the IRP.
    Rows Enter the number of rows of labels to print per page.
    Width Enter the width of the label (millimetres).
    Top Enter the top margin for the label (millimetres).
    Left Enter the left margin for the label (millimetres).
    Horizontal Separation Enter the horizontal spacing between labels on a page (millimetres).
    Columns Enter the number of columns of labels to print per page.
    Height Enter the height for the label (millimetres).
    Bottom Enter the bottom margin for the label (millimetres).
    Right Enter the right margin for the label (millimetres).
    Vertical Separation Enter the vertical spacing between labels on a page (millimetres).
    Label Content
    Label Type 'Default' will render the IRP default label format. 'Custom' label types allow the full HTML of the label to be designed for this paper type. You can include placeholders in the HTML of the label, including $$StockID$$, $$Barcode$$, $$Price$$, $$RRP$$, $$Model$$, $$Option$$ and $$ShortDescription$$ (these are replaced with their actual values when the label is printed).
    Notes This is where you can type some notes related to the paper type.
  5. Click the Insert button to save the details.
How To Add and Print Labels Using the Print Basket

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