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You can find this section under Payment Processing > Currencies in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

The IRP comes preloaded with a set of currencies. The default IRP configuration will have all of the orders charged in one currency and the other currencies are there as a close guide price. The actual price that customers will pay depends on the exchange rate of the bank. For example, if an item costs 100GBP and a person is browsing your site in US Dollars, they will see the item priced at (for example) at $156.25. If they make the purchase, they will be charged 100GBP.

The IRP also allows you to charge in other currencies. You enable this by setting the Charge Credit Card Orders in this Currency setting to True. You will also have to have the PSP (for example Realex) set up to allow this. For every currency that you wish to charge in, you require a Realex account.

For simplicity, we recommend charging in one currency; it makes little difference to the end user.

The main Currencies.aspx page appears as follows:

IRP Admin Currencies page

You can use the search bar at the top of the page to search by Currency Name, ISO or HTML Symbol.

The fields shown in the main grid are as follows:

  • ISO: The international ISO symbol for the currency e.g. ‘AUD’
  • Active: Active currencies are selectable by customers on the front end of the website. Inactive currencies are not selectable by customers.
  • Currency: The full name of the currency, e.g. ‘Australian Dollars’
  • Default: The default currency used in your IRP. If a currency is your default, the column will show ‘True’, otherwise it will show ‘False’.
  • Exchange Rate: The exchange rate for this currency. Exchange rates will be used to translate into prices for this currency. The value can be updated manually or automatically via a Common Task.
  • Auto Update: Whether the rates are automatically updated from the Exchange Rate Web Service (True/False).
  • HTML Symbol: The HTML representation of the currency symbol to be displayed next to a price on the front end of the website. The ISO for this currency will be used if no symbol is specified (e.g. $, £ etc.).
  • Charge Cards in this Currency: Whether to charge in this currency (True/False).

At the top of the page you can see the Add New Currency and Show All Currencies buttons. You use the former to add more currencies to IRP Admin and the latter to display all the currencies in the main grid (this is helpful if you have used the search bar to find a specific subset of currencies and you now want to show all the currencies). You can also click the Card Processors button to go directly to the PaymentProcessors.aspx page. See Admin User Group for more details.

For more details, refer to the How to Add or Edit Currencies article in this section.

Currency auditing

Using the Currencies Log, you can see at a glance when exchange rates were updated and when currencies were enabled for charging in the IRP. This is helpful for reporting and general understanding of sales. You can also keep track of updates to a currency as the log shows Admin User names, actions and timestamps.

You can view the Log by opening the CurrencyEdit.aspx page for any currency and then clicking the Log tab. You will see the following page:

Currencies Log

Currency format variations

You can set a Currency Format Variation in terms of Shipping Country, Language, Currency Symbol Position and Decimal Separator. For example, if the currency 'Euro' has a Currency Format Variation for France set against it, with 'Francais' as the Language, the Currency Symbol Position set as 'After Price' and the Decimal Separator set as 'Comma', if a customer views the site with their country set to France, their Language set to Francais and their Currency to Euro, then all prices throughout the website will use the Currency Format Variation set for Euro based on their settings and will display the prices with the Currency Symbol Position after the price, using a comma as the Decimal Separator, for example ‘4,50€’. This applies to all prices displayed throughout the Desktop, Mobile, Trade, Private Sale and EPOS sites.

You can set a number of different Currency Format Variation combinations; you can set the Currency Symbol Position to be displayed before the price, after the price, or to take the place of the Decimal Separator. The Decimal Separator itself can either be a Decimal Point or a Comma. In the case where a Currency does not have a Currency Symbol set against it, the Currency ISO will be used in place of the symbol and will follow the positioning set via any active Currency Format Variations.

Updating the exchange rate

You can update the exchange rate for any currency from the IRP Live Web Service by clicking the Get Current Rate from Web Service button on the CurrencyEdit.aspx page.

How To Guides (1)

How to Add or Edit Currencies

FAQs (1)

Can I allow Price Match requests in any currency?
Yes, you can do this on the ‘Edit Currencies’ screen. Select the currency that you want to work with, click the Edit button and check the box for ‘Enable Price Match’. This will allow this currency to be available for a Price Match request to customers on the front end of the website. Having this unchecked will override any ‘Enable Price Match’ setting against models when a customer has their currency set to this currency.

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