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SQL Editor

How Tos (6)

You can find this section under Programming Utilities > SQL Editor in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

This section shares some functionality with the Reports section. You can use the SQL Editor to:

  • Add a Report
  • Edit a Report
  • Run a Report
  • Download Report Data
  • Run SQL

Reports allow you to pull information from your IRP database on any aspect of your IRP instance with a few exceptions for sensitive information such as passwords, card details, and so forth. You can create and run Reports within the IRP or export them as a delimited text file, which can then be opened with your spreadsheet software for formatting and further analysis. To create reports, you will require knowledge of the SQL programming language and an understanding of the structure of your IRP’s database.

If your Admin User account has DBA access, you will be able to create and run SQL scripts to pull data from the database quickly.

We strongly advise you speak to your Support Team with regards to setting up and editing Reports or running SQL scripts.

How To Guides (6)

You can download report data and open the data in third-party spreadsheet software for viewing/administration.

To download a report, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Programming Utilities > SQL Editor in the IRP left navigation menu.
  2. Click the button at the right side of the report that you want to download.
  3. Select the report data you want to download from the dropdown.

  4. Select the File Format/Delimitation for the download in the second dropdown.

    Delimitation Description Example
    Comma Delimited Output will be delimited by commas. 5772,17178,28.00
    Tab Delimited Output will be delimited by tabs. 5772    17178    28.00
    Pipe Delimited Output will be delimited by pipes. 5772|17178|28.00
    Text Export Output will be delimited by tildes. New lines will be delimited by percentage symbols. 5772~~~~~~17178~~~~~~28.00%%%%%%
  5. Click the button.
  6. The report data file will be downloaded to your local Download folder. Your browser should show you the file download progress.
  7. Once downloaded, you can open the report in your third-party software for viewing/administration.

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